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Playteachers School Role Play Game - Up to 33% off xxx

The perfect Christmas gift idea!

Suitable for 4-9 years

Best Bits

Hands up if you love to play teachers... ask this question to any group of children and loads of hands shoot up. Kids love school... especially when they're the teachers.

Playteachers is a unique role play game created by a primary school teacher and has fired the imagination of children lucky enough to grab a pack and start up their very own mini classroom! 

  • Helps advance verbal and listening skills.
  • A game to encourage imagination through play.
  • Let your little one's role play as a teacher or pupil!
  • Won the Bizziebaby Silver Award in 2017 and was Commended in 2017 Toy Shop UK Independent Toy Awards
  • Helps to build confidence.
  • Develops speaking and listening.
  • Most importantly it's fun! 
  • Wonderful unique gift idea


"I love this product! Brilliant for kids who love to play teachers and schools. My daughter likes to play with her dolls/toys and often uses pieces of scrap paper so this was a good little game/toy to buy her. I love the fact it's all in a resealable pack and has a wipe clean section that she can re-use. I do recommend this toy." 

"My 8-year-old daughter loves playing schools so bought this as an additional present to go with her school set. Her and her siblings have hours of role-play fun with this set...really good value too! Includes worksheets and stickers etc."

"My grandson loved this I gave it to him as part of his birthday present. He started playing with it straight away."

Price Info
  • £6.98 for One Playteachers pack, 30% off.
  • £13.49 for Two Playteachers packs, 33% off.
  • Delivery is £1.99 per item.
Need to Know
  • Recommended for children 4-9 years.
  • Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery via Royal Mail.

Each Pack Includes: 

  • Teacher's Register - Take the register to see who's present, ill, on holiday or the dentist!
  • Traffic Light Poster - Use this to improve behaviour in your 'classroom'. When your class are naughty, use the pen to write names on the amber or even the red traffic light. You can wipe them off later.
  • High-Quality Drywipe Flashcard and Pen - Use this for your lessons.
  • Golden Rules Cards - These cards set out your classroom rules.
  • Daily timetable Cards - Cut out the Timetable pictures and arrange them to plan your day.
  • Classroom Jobs Charts - Decide who will be your Classroom Monitors for the day or week.
  • Certificates and Stickers - Award certificates and stickers for super work and good behaviour.
  • Homework Chart - Make sure homework is completed on time by filling in the Homework Chart.
  • Funsheets - Use these to provide ideas for your 'lessons'.
  • Smiley Face Chart - If there is a really silly pupil in your 'class', give them a smiley face chart.
  • Enrichment Time chart - Sign up for your favourite fun activity during Enrichment Time.
  • Durable School Bag - Each game comes in a durable bag complete with built in press together closure and carrying handle.
How to Redeem
  • You do not need to redeem, your item will be sent directly to you by Playteachers.
  • Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery via Royal Mail.
  • Sold by Playteachers.
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