How to host a virtual easter egg hunt

Easter time is usually spent with friends and family. With of course the all exciting Easter egg hunt on the main stage. This year of course is a bit different with the current lockdown restrictions. So we have put together a few easy steps to carry out the best ever virtual Easter Egg hunt with friends and family.

Step 1 – Decide who you want to have the Easter Egg hunt with and ask them ahead of time. Be sure to include the time as well as any supplies they need to get in. It’s important that everyone has the same amount of eggs to find.

Step 2 – Decide which app or software you are going to use. This could be FaceTime, Zoom, Whereby or Skype. Don’t forget to test the software ahead of time to make sure it’s all working ok.

Step 3 – The trick here is everyone needs to hide the eggs in the same place. So you could make a list of suggested places and agree these with your friends and family. Once the places are decided then make a list of clues to be shared.

Step 4 – Why not get the kids to make some fun Easter Signs to use. Cut out some egg shapes or chicks and stick them to lolly sticks or twigs to be placed strategically around the hunt space. These could say “More eggs this way” Or “Getting Warm” etc…

Step 5. Start the hunt. The clues are read out in order by the different participating groups at the same time. After the clue is read out the kids go and hunt the eggs. Once all the eggs are found, come together to count up the eggs and why not stay online to eat them!

Happy Easter!

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