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Show your Kids that Maths and Science Are Awesome with these Fun Learning Tools, 63% off

Best Bits

This humorous and incredible approach to maths and science is sure to ignite an interest in the subjects. Appealingly presented with easy-to-follow facts and clear, bright images kid's jaws will drop as these fun and lively books help them during their lessons at school.

Science is Awesome

  • Bees can't see red; astronauts never snore; the Statue of Liberty used to be orange
  • Packed with 101 scientific facts that will blow any child's mind! 
  • Sure to generate discussion around all kinds of fascinating areas of science. 

Maths is Awesome

  • With witty text and a distinctive style of artwork
  • 101 jaw-dropping facts that proves to children the subject of maths is anything but boring
  • From the theory that it's more likely than not that two people in a room of 23 people will share a birthday to the fact that everything from rock music to code-breaking is based on maths
  • Extraordinary maths-based facts for children to discover and share
Price Info
  • £2.99 for Maths is Awesome! 63% off
  • £2.99 for Science is Awesome! 63% off 
Need to Know
  • Recommended for ages 7+
  • Dimensions: 24.7cm x 18.0cm
  • Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
£2.99 Save 63%