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One Third Stories - French or Spanish Language-Learning Activity Subscription, 41% off

Free delivery!

Redeem by 30th April 2018

Suitable for 4-9 years

Best Bits

Education and entertainment combined One Third Stories is designed to make learning a language so enjoyable that the kids will be excited to learn more! Delivered to your door every month with educational activities and resources for children aged 4-9, kids will soon discover all the joys a second language can bring. 

Each Story Box is built around a beautifully illustrated fairy tale or original story that starts in English and ends in French. Then the language learning fun continues with a host of activities and resources, reinforcing the vocabulary introduced in the story. 

  • Each month is a learning adventure! 
  • The amazing Clockwork Methodology® will have kids expanding their vocabulary in no time 
  • Utilising a combination of audiobooks and reading kids will develop an ear for the accent and pick up new words
  • All books are written with the unique Clockwork Methodology™, gradually introducing foreign words so your child will pick them up from context clues.
  • Each story comes with flashcards and fun activities
  • Designed to develop reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.
  • All made to reinforce everything your child has learnt and make learning fun and active.

"We subscribed these to support our children’s love of language and to work alongside their French private classes. All I can say is they are brilliant. Since we received it a week ago, the contents of the box have been actively engaged with and loved by everyone in the family.” – Jenny, French Story Box Subscriber

“I subscribed to the Spanish box because I thought my children would enjoy the books. I was not wrong! The stories are funny and, because the language is introduced gradually, my children picked up words in no time Highly recommended for kids (and adults!). 5 stars from me!” – Darren, Spanish Story Box Subscriber

Price Info
  • £30 for 3 Month Subscription French or Spanish, 41% off
  • Free Delivery! 
  • You will select the language upon redemption. 
Need to Know
  • Redeem by 30th April 2018
  • Recommended for ages 4-9
  • Available in Spanish or French only
  • Requires sign-up to three monthly service. When you have redeemed your voucher, you will enter into a rebillable three monthly subscription.
  • Each subscription following your initial purchase will be charged at £50.97 for the next 3 months (which works out at £16.99/box), however, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 
  • You will need to provide Card details at redemption to set up your subscription
  • UK delivery only 
  • Sold by One Third Stories Ltd
How to Redeem
  • Redeem by 30th April 2018
  • You will select the language upon redemption 
  • You will need to redeem your unique redemption code (found on your e-Receipt) at
  • Instructions will be on your e-Receipt which you will receive via email once you have purchased.  
£30 Save 41%

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