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Not Another Maths or Science Book - A Great New Way to Learn, Up to 60% off

Smart activity books to get your child learning and creating

Suitable for 9+ years

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Get your kids learning without them even knowing! These amazing books get your child's left-brain and right-brain to come together using art and activities to help them understand the body, geometry and more. Perfect for anyone looking for a new way to get their child engaged in maths and science. 

This is Not a Science Book

Packed full of activities that will fill the brain with useful information, the book develops science knowledge by encouraging kids to draw, sketch, make and colour.

From mapping out the bones in the body to brain puzzles and even optical illusions, the activities are sure to inform and entertain those aged 7 and over. They could even help them with their science lessons at school, but don't tell them that...

This is Not Another Maths Book

Discover the clever craft behind the beautiful numbers and patterns of maths with this awesome activity book, packed with fun drawing challenges based on math tricks and rules. 

From perfect paper polygons and topological transformation flip books, to pizza cutting puzzles and loop-de-loop number spirals, discover the art in maths, and the maths in art. Left-brain and right-brain come together to create fantastic maths art! 

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  • £3.99 for This is Not a Science Book, 60% off
  • £3.99 for This is Not a Maths Book, 60% off
  • £7.99 for This is Not Another Maths Book, 20% off
Need to Know
  • Publisher: The Ivy Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 21.8cm x 27.8cm
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