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First News, The Award-Winning Kids Newspaper - 46% off 15 Issue Subscription with Free Delivery!

Easy to read, bite-size chunks of real news explained in a child-friendly way

Suitable for 7-14 years

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First News is the UK’s weekly newspaper for children. It is written by experienced journalists, especially for 7-14-year-olds. Making the news exciting and accessible, every issue is packed with fun features, fascinating facts, competitions and puzzles.

Get your kids into the habit of reading and learning, there’s something for everyone!

  • Packed with the biggest and most entertaining stories from the UK and around the world every week.
  • Up-to-date, insightful, and dynamic articles on a wide range of subjects.
  • From entertainment to politics, sports to science, it covers all subjects relevant to a younger audience.
  • Vibrantly presented, thought-provoking, intelligent, and fun newspaper.
  • Children are given the tools they need to form their own opinions and grow in reading confidence, so they are ready to progress to grown-up newspapers.
  • Kids will love receiving a new delivery every Friday, just for them!
Price Info
  • £16 for 15 Issues of First News, 45% off
  • Free Delivery! 
Need to Know
  • Relevant for ages 7 – 14.
  • Issues are delivered weekly, every Friday
  • Print only, does not include the digital edition.
  • Your first issue will arrive within 21 days.
  • This is a UK only offer. 
  • When entering Delivery Address please input the address of the person who will be receiving the subscription.
  • If you are buying multiple subscriptions for different recipients please make your orders as separate transactions to input the different delivery addresses.
  • You do not need to redeem your order.
How to Redeem
  • You do not need to redeem your order
  • Your first issue will arrive from First News within 21 days
£16 Save 46%

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