How to throw a virtual celebration

Just because we are in lockdown it doesn’t mean that life stops, and so it shouldn’t. Now more than ever it’s important to celebrate the small and big milestones. If one of your loved ones has a special event or birthday coming up, here’s a few ideas of how to make it special.

Send a card (Paper or Virtual)
Who doesn’t love receiving cards in the post, if you can’t get to the post-office because of lockdown why not make a card, print out your postage online and pop it in the post box or if you can’t send one physically why not send a digital one with something like paperless post.

Host a Zoom Party
Zoom is a great way to throw a virtual party with friends and family. Setup the Zoom, send your invites and off you go! Why not arrange for everyone to have a bit of cake or a drink in their hand to sing Happy Birthday.

Create a video montage
Why not ask the friends of the person who’s celebration it is to record a special message for them. Then put all the messages together into a video for them to watch on the day and keep.

Host a Netflix party
Did you know you can download a special plug-in for your Chrome browser which enables you to host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties!

Host a houseparty
Houseparty is a video chat app which can be used on mobile or desktop. Members of the party can play online games together or chat making it great for tweens, teens and adults.

Caribu App
The Caribu app is a brilliant video calling app for younger kids. The app offers in-app games and activities aimed towards young kids and is great choice for young kids who might feel a bit awkward having a virtual party.

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