Sharky & George – Summer Tomfoolery Fun

With Summer finally here and the kids wanting to play, we can find it difficult in entertaining the kids especially if you don’t have all the money in the world to spend!

Here with five of Sharky & George’s top games, which you can find in their new book, “Don’t You Dare” (Purchase here: Egmont) and which should keep children entertained for hours over the long summer holidays, come rain or shine:



A serious accuracy challenge, and good practice for those moments when you really need the loo in the car and you just have to hold on.
Kit needed:
a 10p coin and a large mug

– Place the mug on the ground then choose a start line about five big steps away from it.
– Take it in turns. The first player clenches the coin between their butt cheeks and carefully waddles towards the mug.  Take careful aim over the mug and release. Gently!
– If you miss, you’re knocked out. If you manage to do it, use two coins for round two, three coins for round three and so on.  The winner is the last person left.


EGG CUP GAME (for four or more players)

You need to be calm under pressure and to enjoy soaking your friends. As you’re likely to get wet, this is a good rainy day game.

Kit needed:
you will need pens, paper, an egg cup, a jug of water.  And be prepared to get wet!

– Get everyone to sit in a circle on the floor or around a table.
– Choose a person to start the game (Games Master)
– The Games Master selects a category and tells everyone what it is. CATEGORIES COULD BE SPORTS, CHOCOLATE BARS, CARS, COUNTERS, COLOURS, ETC
– Everyone, including the Games Master, chooses one thing from that category, writes it on a piece of paper and puts it in their pocket until the end of the round.
– The Games MAster fills an egg cup with water and walks around the circle, hovering the cup over each player’s head while they shout out their selection from the category.
– As soon as a player picks the Games Master’s choice the water is tipped on their head.
– The Games Master must show his bit of paper to all the players as proof. If the wrong person got a soaking then they can pour an egg cup of water over the Games Master!


ENEMY SPOTLIGHT (2-20 players)

You are an elite force attempting to storm the enemy base using the dark of night as cover.

Kit needed: 
night time, a powerful torch, a tree, bush or circle of jumpers as the prison.

– Pick a player to be the Guard – they should be the only one with a torch. Everyone else is a Rescuer.
– Gather at an area you have chosen to be the enemy’s prison. The Guard stands there too, then closes his eyes and gives all the Rescuers 40 seconds to run and hide.
– If the Guard see anyone in his spotlight after the 40 seconds is up, they have to come and sit in the prison.
– To free prisoners, a Rescuer reaches the prison without being spotted.
– If the Guard catches everyone, pick another Guard and the games starts all over again.

SANDCASTLE SEA DEFENSE (2 or more people)

Pretend that you have built a wooden castle, and a sea of lava has been sent by an evil emperor to destroy it…

Kit needed:
a tidal beach, preferably with the tide just starting to come it. And spades.

– Split into two teams
– Draw a back line in the sand about 30 big paces away from the sea. Don’t build behind this line.
– You want to give yourself at least half an hour to build your sandcastle and defence before the sea starts ‘attacking’.
– Each team builds a hug and well-defended sandcastle
– Put a feather, flag or seaweed on the top and whichever is the last thing to fall into the sea is the winning castle.
– If you just want to build on castle together, that is fine; it doesn’t have to be a competition.


DUNE BALL ROLLERCOASTER (1 or more people)

Make the most elaborate and fantastic rollercoaster for a ball.

– Find a resonably steep slope (maybe a sand dune or a ramp for boats to get into the sea)
– Draw out a rough rollercaster pathway with a stick; make it like a snake, all twisty and curvy.
– Then, using handfuls of wet sand, start to build up corners, and use the ball to shape the track that it will eventually be rolling down.
– You have to use a bit of trial and error here – the the ball out on each corner to see if it will roll down without help.
– The aim is to create a long rollercoaster track that the ball runs down on its own. You could also build tunnels and bridges for the ball to go through and even jumps if you’re feeling ambitious.


For more great ideas why not purchase Sharky & George’s book “Don’t You Dare”, you can purchase here for just £12.99!
It’s sure to keep them occupied all summer long!

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