Our Family’s Experience with Tassomai!

It is that time of year again…. Mocks, assessments, SATS, GCSE’s and end of year exams are looming along with the inevitable anxiety that goes with it for the children and for us parents and carers too. With children wanting to do their very best and parents / carers wanting to do everything they can to help children reach their full potential and sail through the whole process, there is a tool that can help us all – Tassomai!  

Tassomai is an intelligent award-winning on-line learning programme featuring Mai, their built-in AI tutor, that helps children and students from 7+ to achieve outstanding results using multiple-choice quizzes to build knowledge and confidence. Tassomai has courses for GCSE (ages 13+) and SATS / Common Entrance (ages 11-13) covering most core subjects and courses in English and Maths for 7–9 year-olds. 

Offering programmes for both private and home-school subscriber use as well as schools, Tassomai has had over one billion questions answered and with their programme trusted by over 500 schools, its’ impact and results speak for themselves. 

With our son in Year 6 and about to sit SATS and prepare for the world of secondary school, we gave Tassomai a try to see how we could help him learn Maths and English online, troubleshoot any weaker areas and gain confidence.  

The programme was very easy to set up, the customer support exemplary – I received a unique login, set up a parent and child account online, and we were away! On logging in there is a parent and a separate child dashboard so your child be in control of what they learn and see their results.  It was seamless to navigate and the dashboard very intuitive, even I grasped how to use it quickly! 

Keen to get started, our son soon whizzed through the “quiz” sections, different topics of bite-sized multiple-choice questions focussing on specific areas which are cleverly designed to assess, address, reinforce and challenge his learning thanks to complex behind-the-scenes algorithms. Motivated by the “perfect” score, he responded so well to the style of questions and felt a real sense of achievement when he completed each quiz and hit his daily target. One huge advantage was that there were no time constraints. Children are given time to think and are not under pressure to answer quickly – which was a big plus here. There were a mixture of questions and topics and even featured fact related questions, one describing the unfortunate demise of King Harold, which prompted a lively dinner-time debate!  

We first used Tassomai around 5 years ago and we liked it then, but we LOVE it now! The additional tweaks to the already impressive programme have really elevated their offering with the introduction of Resources (where you get a link to a tutorial video to support any areas of weakness in your learning), Mai (the virtual tutor who is always on hand to help,) the Tree, ( visual representation to showcase their learning) and of course the app too. 

Mai was certainly put to the test with our son! During the quiz, he typed in a concept or question he was unsure of and, without giving the answer, Mai helpfully and expertly offered an age-related explanation so he could come to the answer himself. She is brilliant….and so patient, it was like having an actual tutor in the room, minus the crippling costs or need to travel! A wonderfully refreshing feature that enhances the opportunity to learn and understand (she even explained a Maths concept and an English grammar word to me as a 40+ something Mum that I wasn’t sure of!). With little positive words of encouragement carefully designed to build confidence, Mai is a fabulous addition to the Tassomai team.

We also loved the nurturing feature of the The Tree – a visual representation of your child’s learning, the more they practice, the more the tree grows. Areas of weakness are easily spotted with the red leaves – practice more to turn them green!  

And… last but definitely not least, the app! Tassomai is not only available on PC but also in a smartphone app for Apple or Android via a downloadable app. Super handy so that children can learn on the go, whilst waiting for a lesson or in the car! Much more rewarding than chasing Pokemon or running from angry mobs😊and a win for parents that children are learning but enjoying screen-time at the same time. 

As a parent, I also receive regular tracking progress via email highlighting their results and accuracy levels and children can feel a real sense of achievement when they reach their daily goals. The Tree is also a fantastic learning tool, we can easily see the “red” leaves and identify any weaker areas to work on together. The quizzes were relevant and, based on their school syllabus, designed to enhance the learning they do at school. On a practical level, Tassomai is a fraction of the cost of a private tutor with all the benefits and the perfect accompaniment to family life, Tassomai can slot in to suit you when and where you want! 

Our son loved Tassomai and in his words said “it is a really good and supportive learning programme because it doesn’t say you are wrong, it says what you could have done better. You also know instantly if you have a question right as it tells you straight away, you don’t have to wait until the end. I also liked asking Mai questions, she really helped me understand and I feel better about being able to answer questions now. I liked seeing when I got my questions right on the tree too!”. As a parent who could ask for more? 

Thank you Tassomai for the opportunity review your educational learning programme and meet Mai! 

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