I cannot believe that we are half way through January already. I am still wishing people that I haven’t seen during the holidays a Happy New Year, by the way when is too late to wish someone Happy New Year?

In recent years I have made my New Year resolutions and then been very vocal about them, some of them sticking and others not! I am now more inclined to make a mental note of my resolutions and try and do a little often.  Doing a little often has been one of the main lessons I have learnt since we started LittleBird 18 months ago even things that feel completely insurmountable can be slowly chipped away at. So I will let you in on one of my resolutions, and that is to chip away at the blog! There, I have put it out there, eek, can’t stop now!!

We have lots of exciting plans for LittleBird in 2013. We are launching our Local Ambassador program and are looking for lots of fabulous women to work with us, I know you are all out there as many of you have contacted us already.  We will also be 2 years old this April, so we need to think a way to mark the occasion apart from eating copious amounts of cake, which would lead me to break another of my resolutions, which is to eat less biscuits and cake, something that everyone at LittleBird is extremely good at.  We are also continuing our mission to save families time and money and offer lots of inspiration along the way.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2013.


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