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OKIDO Book Bundles - Art, Science and More to Keep Kids Learning, 20% off + Free Delivery!

Science and Learning to Inspire Young Minds

Suitable for 3-8 years

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Designed to engage kids in scientific discovery in the most fun and creative way, these book bundles from OKIDO magazine introduce kids to diverse subjects while making sure they still have fun! With fun facts and things to make and do, keep the kids learning this summer with Messy and his friends. 

OKIDO Activity Book Bundle - £16, 20% off

  • OKIDOODLE - Draw, colour, count and create wherever you may, as you doodle your way through adventure.
  • Colour Me In - A hands-on activity book jam-packed with fill-in, on-the-page games and puzzles
  • Let's Explore with Messy - An  OKIDO adventure kit that includes everything your kids need to explore the land and record your travels with Messy and the gang.

Messy Goes to OKIDO Book Bundle - £33, 20% off

Meet Messy, a sock-eating monster who loves jokes and science. Each storybook is a new Messy adventure based on his search to find the answer to an everyday question about science. Why do things float in space? How does rain make flowers grow? and more! 

Messy travels through a magic vortex to the land of OKIDO to meet his gang of friends - the children Zoe and Felix and the robotic scientists Zim, Zam and Zoom - who help him find out the answer. There's plenty of silly fun along the way!

  • Diving for Treasure
  • Volcanic Panic
  • Magic Raindrops
  • Caterpillar Mystery
  • Exploding Icecream
  • Sandwiches in Space
  • Come Back Bees

OKIDO Book Bundle - £45, 20% off

  • My Animal Book - Join Koko and the explorers as they travel the world to meet all kinds of animals, from a tiny mouse to a huge splashing whale
  • My Head-to-toe Body Book -  A look at the body inside and out for young children.
  • What's Inside - See-through pages and magic surprises! Hold the special pictures up to the light to discover what’s inside a rocket, a castle, and even inside your body! There are also plenty of exciting facts.
  • My Big World - Things to make and do My Big World is a hands-on, action-packed book to help kids find out about our big world
  • How Things Work - Join Koko and the explorers as they take things apart and see how they work.
Price Info
  • £16 for OKIDO Activity Book Bundle, 20% off
  • Includes: OKIDOODLE, Colour Me In, Let's Explore with Messy 
  • £33 for Messy Goes to OKIDO Book Bundle, 20% off
  • Includes: Diving for Treasure, Volcanic Panic, Magic Raindrops, Caterpillar Mystery, Exploding Icecream, Sandwiches in Space, Come Back Bees
  • £45 for OKIDO Book Bundle, 20% off
  • Includes: Animals, My Head-to-toe Body Book, What's Inside, My Big World, How Things Work 
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