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Birds : Brilliant and Bizarre, the new exhibition at the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, South Kensington

Suitable for all, recommended for hatchlings aged 8+

Until January 2025

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Explore the brand new Birds : Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition at the Natural History Museum, a family friendly exhibition opening for on May 24th 2024 and running until the 5th January 2025!

Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of our feathered friends like never before? The new exhibition invites you and your family into the lives of birds, where you'll discover the secrets, wonders, and challenges that define their existence.

Here's what you can expect:

🎶 Experience the Bird Symphony: Start your adventure by immersing yourself in the mesmerizing world of bird sounds. From the dawn chorus to the eerie calls of nocturnal birds, let the melodies of nature surround you.

🌀 Murmuration Magic: Witness the breath-taking phenomenon of murmurations, where thousands of birds move in perfect harmony across the sky. Feel the exhilaration as you become part of this mesmerizing dance of feathers and flight.

🥚 Egg-citing Discoveries: Test your bravery as you explore the fascinating world of bird eggs. Smell a stinky seabird egg and marvel at the incredible diversity of shapes, sizes, and colours, there's something egg-citing for everyone!

🦖 Ancient Avians: Meet the so-called wonderchicken, the oldest modern bird in the world, and uncover the surprising connections between birds and their prehistoric relatives, including the mighty T. rex.

🌍 Survival Secrets: Discover the ingenious strategies that birds have developed to thrive in every corner of the globe. From blood-sucking antics to acid-bathing habits, our feathered friends have adapted in extraordinary ways to survive and thrive.

🌱 A Changing World: Learn how human actions are impacting bird populations around the world and explore the urgent need for conservation efforts to ensure their survival. Together, we can create a future where birds can continue to soar and inspire us for generations to come.

Join the Natural History Museum as they embark on a journey of discovery, wonder, and conservation. Celebrate the beauty and resilience of birds and work towards a world where they can continue to enchant us with their presence.

Don't miss this feathered adventure of a lifetime! 

Also, look out for birds events coming up coming up at the Natural History Museum, all the events below include entry to the exhibition:

Accessible Morning Visits to Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre
Get to know our beaked buddies better away from our busy daytime crowds at one of our accessible morning visits designed specifically for our disabled and neurodiverse visitors.
10.00–11.00 every third Wednesday and Saturday from 29 May–14 December 2024, Adult tickets from £13.70 

Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre Tour
See birds in a new light on our revealing tour as you explore the shocking and spectacular tactics our feathered friends use to survive.
09.00-10.00, 31 May, 16 June and 28 June, Adult tickets from £25

Family Flight Night - Fly the nest and bring your flock along for an evening of fun as we celebrate our new exhibition Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre with a night all about flight.
18.30–21.30, Friday 31 May, Adult: £25, Child: £25, Members: £22.50

LittleBird Top Tip

Become a Member to get unlimited free entry to Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre, as well as exclusive viewing hours, talks from our scientists, family mornings and great discounts. Plus, you'll get to skip all the queues!

Family membership from £68.

Dates and Prices Exhibition running dates:  24 May 2024 - 5 January 2025
Entry from 10.00-16.30 daily
Closed 24-26 December

Ticket Prices
Adult (17-59): £16.50
Child (4-16): £9.95
Family (1 Adult 2 Children): £29
Family (1 Adult 3 Children): £36.95
Family (2 Adults 1 Child): £34.25
Family (2 Adults 2 Children): £42.25
Family (2 Adults 3 Children): £50.25
Concession (Student, Senior 60+): £13.20
Disabled adult: £13.20
Disabled Child: £7.95
Disabled Person Companion: free
RSPB Member Adult: £13.20
RSPB Member Child: £7.95
Art Fund adult (16-59): £8.25
Art Fund concession: £6.50
School child: £4.00

Need to Know

Address and Map

Natural History Museum, Waterhouse Gallery, South Kensington, London

Download a map here


The Natural History Museum aims to provide the widest possible access to the Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition, including:
-a large print gallery guide
-various touch objects including a titanosaur egg cast, ancient tree pollen and a selection of bird beaks
-two smell specimens
-interactive touchscreen games
For more information, visit Access at South Kensington.

Visitor information
-Tickets include Museum entry after you've visited the exhibition.
-Please book the correct date, as your ticket can't be refunded or exchanged.
-Museum Members, Patrons and Corporate Supporters do not need to book and can visit the exhibition for free.
-RSPB Members must bring their RSPB Membership card or, if they have not received a card yet, a confirmation email as proof of membership.
-Reciprocal free admission for partner organisations, Museums Association and NMDC members is available Monday to Friday on a first come, first serve basis. You may need to wait during busy times.

How to Redeem Go to partner site here and book tickets directly here
Plan your Visit

Address and Contact Info

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Rd

Nearest Station: South Kensington Station
Nearest Park: Wildlife Garden
from £9.95