11 fun ideas for the first week of the Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays have arrived, woo hoo! It’s true to say this coming Easter weekend will be like no other we have ever experienced. Whether you are still trying to juggle work around the kids or you are able to down tools for a few days and relax we have rounded up some fun things to do that will keep the kids busy in the run up to Easter weekend.

Celebrate Spring
The Woodland Trust has a great list of nature activities to bring the outside inside including natural art; collect fallen sticks, leaves, feathers, petals and let imaginations run wild.  This bird feeder recipe is sure to get kids stuck in (quite literally) with gooey hands, making delectable treats for the bird world. 

Wildlife Watch 
The Wildlife Trust have launched a weekly wildlife programme on YouTube for kids and parents. A new video will be uploaded to Wildlife Watch UK every Wednesday at 10am. The channel will feature wildlife experts and seasonal species to spot. Future videos will include: how to build a pond; be a garden scientist  – exploring your garden wildlife; and how to identify insects in your garden. There’ll be sharing videos on their facebook to watch at your leisure so that you don’t miss out.

Join in a Live Cook Along
Making something you can eat is surely the best fun there is. Eats Amazing offers tons of inspiration as well as live cook-alongs each week running on Tuesdays and Thursday. Watch on their facebook page everyday at 11am. There are also some cute ideas for Easter including Marshmallow Bunnies

Make hot cross buns for Good Friday
Hot cross buns are spiced, sweet buns usually made with sultanas or raisins. These yummy buns can be enjoyed with a bit of butter or jam and are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. The reason for this is that traditionally dairy products were banned during Lent and Good Friday marks the end of Lent.   They are pretty easy to make so in case you need to plan ahead of time to get your ingredients here is what you need and how to make them.

Here’s an easy peasy recipe to follow

Make Chocolate Easter Nests

Now Easter wouldn’t be Easter without some chocolate. These easy peasy chocolate nests will be a hit with the whole family.

Here’s an easy peasy recipe to follow

Make and Decorate an Easter Tree
Easter trees are a popular tradition in Sweden and Germany. They are a great way to add a bit of colour to your home while having fun.  All you need to do is find a few branches, arrange them in a pot and hang some Easter decorations on them. These could either be painted easter eggs or small easter decorations.

Make Painted Easter Eggs
If you are planning to cook with eggs this week, then why not blow your eggs out and use them for making painted egg decorations. 

Find out how to make the here

Make Salt-Dough Easter Decorations

Salt-Dough is a fun and thrifty way to make some Easter Decorations especially good as an alternative to painting eggs when eggs are difficult to get at the moment.

Find out how to make the here

Reach for the stars
Download the free Night Sky app onto your phone, stay up late (it is the holidays) and be amazed by the night sky. If you want to travel into space, check out NASA’s very own app, also free and watch a live view of the earth from the International Space Station!

For the best advice on what to look out for this month head to Royal Museums Greenwich Night Sky highlights – the next full moon is on the 8th April. 

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