Appy Half Term

If you’re out and about with the kids in London this half term, check out these free apps we’ve recently discovered and add another dimension to your family day out.

Granary Squirt (free) – Kings Cross;


Granary Square, in the heart of Kings Cross, is a great place to hang out with the kids and enjoy the 1,000 fountains.  If you happen to be there between 5pm – 8pm, downloading Granary squirt is a must. It turns your mobile into a remote control and let’s who ever has your phone (!) control the fountains!

Street Museum (free) – Central London;


Enjoy some time travelling fun and download the Museum of London’s Street Museum app and view London’s history. You can view London from everyday past events to momentous occasions in history such as the Great Fire of 1666. Select a destination or simply use your GPS to locate an image near you, hold your camera up to the present day street scene and see the same London location appear on your screen from the past.

Street Art London (free) – all over London;


Download Street Art London and wherever the May half term takes you and the kids, you’ll be able to check out the nearest street art to you. In collaboration with Geo Street Art,  Street Art London promises to be as up to date as possible and even offers a GPS tracker to hunt down street pieces by your favourite artist.


Shakespeare’s Globe 360 (free) – Southbank;  


If your heading to Shakespeare’s Globe this half term to enjoy the live demos happening throughout the week including Elizabethan dressing demos and sword fighting, then download their newly launched app; Shakespeare’s Globe 360.  You can move around the virtual theatre and explore backstage, the musicians gallery and enjoy the actor’s-eye view from the stage itself and decide, when you arrive, where you’d like to head to first.

 Raise Tower Bridge (free) – Tower Bridge;


Fancy a day trip to the Tower Bridge Exhibition this half term? Download this game and let the kids play and learn about the most famous bridge in the world and how to Raise Tower Bridge. A great game to keep the kids occupied while travelling  to the exhibition and they might well be able to tell you a thing or two when your there!

Appy Half Term!


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