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Outdoor Games from Tactic Games - Get Out in the Sun with Fun for the Whole Family, Up to 28% off + Free Delivery!

Fun new games for big & little kids alike!

Suitable for 4+ years

Best Bits

Take advantage of the sunshine and inspire your family to take the fun and games outside with these fantastical fun games from Tactic Games.  Guarantee hours of fun in the sun as you go on treasure hunts, try to knock down all the pins or try your hand at Mölkky the game that has taken Europe by storm.

Particularly perfect for the school holidays these are the best way to get kids away from their screens and learning vital motor skills while having fun.

Choose from the Following Games:

King of the Hill - £15 - For ages 6+ - 2+ Players

  • Build a grand castle, place the King and his cronies in or on it and start your attack!
  • You score points good throws but only if you knock down the king himself.
  • The player with the highest score wins!
  • This wooden garden game makes for a good battle in skill and tactics!
  • A great, high-quality wooden game! 
  • The players can change the game infinitely by building different castles.
  • Great combination of bowling and skill tossing.

Bag It -  £15 - For ages 6+ - 4+ Players

  • Divide into two teams, set up a playing field and play!
  • Each team tries to transport their beanbag to the other players goal basket while trying to protect their own goal!
  • The simple rules guarantee that even the younger players have a great time!

Treasure Hunt - £15.99 - For ages 5+ - 2+ Players

  • Creating a treasure hunt has never been this easy!
  • Draw, write or mark down clues on the clue boards, hide them for the pirates to find and send the merry band on its way towards the treasure.
  • Whether you do this indoors or outside, it’s a great way to get kids out and about!
  • A simple step-to-step concept for creating a treasure hunt.
  • Comes with great hessian bags, clue boards, whiteboard marker and a real metal coin!
  • Full of physical activity and fun clues for the players to solve!

Mölkky - £18 - For ages 6+ - 2+ Players

  • The #1 Outdoor Game in Europe! 
  • Set the pins in a formation and throw the Mölkky skittle.
  • To win the game you must score 50 points exactly – go over 50 and your score will go down to 25.

Kubb - £18 - For ages 7+ - 2+ Players *SOLD OUT*

  • Knock over skittles and the king
  • But be careful- if you knock over the King before all the other skittles are down, your opponent wins!

Banana Kick - £18 - For ages 6+ - 2+ Players

  • Set up a playing field, choose your team and try to score as many goals as you can.
  • The game is played in two halves and the highest scoring team wins.
  • Just remember the Banana doesn't always go where you want it to...

Bean Bag Game - £23 - For ages 5+ - 2+ Players

  • Toss the beanbags onto the boards and collect the most points!
  • If you manage to throw the beanbags through the hole in the board, you get more points.
  • The popular outdoor game from America with easy to follow rules!
Price Info
  • £15 for King of the Hill, 25% off
  • £15 for Bag It, 25% off
  • £15.99 for Treasure Hunt, 20% off
  • £18 for Mölkky, 28% off
  • £18 for Kubb, 28% off
  • £18 for Banana Kick, 10% off
  • £23 for Bean Bag Game, 23% off
  • Free Delivery!
Need to Know
  • Games suitable for ages 5+, and 2+ players
  • Please allow up to 3 working days for delivery
  • No refunds available, unless the item arrives faulty or damaged.
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