Litecups - The Innovative Light Up Non-Spill Cup, 32% off Two

Practical and Fun Combined Cup and Nightlight

Suitable for 1+ years

Best Bits

The litecup is the perfect answer to kids needing drinks in the night. The valve means it is safe to drink lying down and the integrated comforting night light helps your kids drift naturally to sleep, and if they do wake they will find their cup at ease! 

  • The only cup that lights up!
  • Stylish, functional product that anyone can use!
  • The no-spill valve - won't make a mess when knocked over and it can be drunk from lying down.
  • Light sensitive - it turns on in dark, and off when the sun comes up (or when the lights are on).
  • Clean and colourful non-babyish design that kids will be happy to use for years.
  • Supports independent and mess-free drinking whilst you're doing a million other things parents have to do!
Price Info
  • £13.50 for Two Litecups, 32% off.
  • Delivery is £2.99 per transaction
Need to Know
  • Colours Available: Glitter Pink, Uber Blue, Royal Red, The Colour Purple, Midnight Blue, Bamboo Green
  • Please select your choice of colour at the point of purchase.
  • Holds 330ml of liquid
  • Suitable for all non-fizzy, cold drinks.
  • The litecup should always be washed before first use.
  • The litecup is BPA and latex free and meets all European and FDA guidelines for foodsafe plastics.
  • The litecup is not designed for hot or fizzy drinks and should not be placed in a microwave.
  • The LED light can be manually switched off to save battery life.
  • Sold by Hippychick Ltd.
How to Redeem
  • There is no need to redeem your purchase will be sent directly to you.
  • Please allow up to 4 working days for delivery by Hippychick Ltd.
£13.50 Save 32%

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