Jump for Joy at Go Ape's Nets Kingdom at Black Park Uxbridge

Best Bits

An expansive network of treetop trampolines, giant ball nets, walkways and slides – all 30 feet up in the forest canopy and about the size of Centre Court, Wimbledon. 

Fun for your whole Tribe to bounce, crawl and clamber through, Go Ape's new adventure will be completely encased in hammock-like netting – safe as treehouses. Speaking of which, Go Ape will be building a few of those, too. Well, what adventure is complete without a treehouse?

  • 2,000 Square metres of adventure area
  • 4 huge bounce nets
  • 7 canopy tree houses and 1 destination tree house
  • 2 net slides back to the ground
  • 8 tree to tree net bridge

Dates and Prices
  • £20 for Adults/ Children  (5-15 yrs)
  • £10 for Toddlers (1 - 4 yrs)
Need to Know
  • All under 15's must be accompanied by one adult per group of 5 including any toddlers
  • Children aged 5-15 can be supervised from both in the nets and from the ground
  • Children ages 15+ can explore Nets Kingdon unaccompanied
  • All toddlers must be able to walk around unaided
  • It is recommended that there be additional supervising adults if there are more children (5+) in your group
  • Please see Go Ape's FAQ’s.
from £9