Lightopia at Chiswick House & Gardens

Trip the lights fantastic! And we certainly did, him and I.  Not date night exactly, but we did leave the kids behind and headed on out for the launch party of the fabulously illuminated event that Lightopia turned out to be.

At Chiswick House & Gardens, the Year of the Rat began with some fanfare!  The new Lunar year wouldn’t be the same without a light show to improve all the long dark nights and make good use of them, the short days all worthwhile.

An inspired way to get the kids out, get everyone off their electricals other than to be in selfie heaven! Go stretch a leg – we certainly did, whilst one of us had four to entertain!

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Lightopia is running on LittleBird currently, right through Half Term and until the end of Feb (selected dates from 29th January – 28th February 2020)

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