Christmas with Cinderella at The Vaults

Don’t be fooled by the name Cinderella, this is the antitheses to most fairy tales – a feature of the season of pantos! The Vaults, found at Waterloo right now, presents another cutting edge, fringe-style production, due as much to the location and the unique setting.  If you are looking to impress older, mixed groups of colleagues, family, teens –  this may raise your kudos quota.

For me (more so as the years progress) getting my teen to get off the phone and engage with me is a challenge – let alone any other family members.  So, I jumped at the chance to find a relevant excursion and go the whole hog and invite the Grandparents! Gone are the days when we saw Frozen together and was it really 4 years ago we both were at the Vaults’ immersive experience that was Alice?  The tinge of reluctance to attend shows alongside me may have started shortly after that last event, still, knowing what the Vaults’ productions were capable of, convinced me to pursue this date with her. (read between the lines, it was no mean feat!)

The award for determined parent goes to….me!  Now, at 17,  my daughter will just about eat with us on special occasions, so getting out the door (once the eyebrows are on) inline with my timing is a minor miracle! That occurred last Friday for the opening of Cinderella, and somehow we arrived together whilst the Grandparents were there and already seated.  I didn’t know what to expect…  If you enjoy going to the pub, engaging in karaoke and seeing a bunch of characters perform all around you – this is for you!   Going to the bar during the show was part of the experience so we kept the liquid – Apple Juice for her, quotient up.  Being served by Cinders’ Stepmother was a thrill whilst the not so ugly but very funny – Sisters – kept everyone amused.  Think Little Britain with more swearing.

I would describe this experience as having a sprinkle of Bendidorm meets Eastenders meets Kingsman…  the kind of old-school classic London night-out in the pub that many may relate to.  A very modern take on the classic storyline.  The end message was quite empowering and such that I got a thumbs up from the teen and a huge cheer from the crowd.  I think she now feels accepted as a grown up having shared that experience, the Grandparents paid for dinner so it must have been enjoyed.  Seasoned pros, as they all are, I’m going to see Frozen solo it would appear…


Why bother with the ball this Christmas when you can Karaoke with Cinderella at The Vaults! If you fancy going along with your teen bella’s and prince charmings, we currently have 20% off Cinderella at the Vaults on LittleBird. Book now, save and laugh the night away this Christmas!


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