ZipNow London

LittleBird’s Ellen took a trip to ZipNow London with her two kids and they had an absolute ball! They got some awesome photos and a brilliant video, so you can see what it’s all about…

‘I love a London adventure, so crossing Westminster Bridge to find a new-to-me park, for Europe’s longest and fastest zipwire is just up my street. Archbishop‘s Park in Lambeth is a lovely leafy haven, but for Summer 2018 it has a Zip Now tower at either end and wires between.

My kids and I were very excited as we approached, looking up to see people scream for joy as they zip across the sky!

ZipNow Safety briefing

The staff were very friendly and impeccably safety conscious. I definitely felt in safe hands as I put on the safety gear and followed instructions. They have free lockers for valuables but you can also borrow a bum bag to keep your phone in, to capture the views up top (although, rightly so, there are strict rules about not dangling over edges with phone in hand!)

View from the zipwire tower

We climbed to the top of the tower and waited briefly, nervously for our turn to be clipped into place. I’m actually pretty scared of heights and get a weird nauseous feeling in my shins. Just me?? But on instruction, stepped off the platform and wheeeeeeeeeee!!! My daughter and I flew through the air, until the slightly abrupt stop at the end.

For £10 extra you can opt for the Mega Drop – at the destination tower, instead of walking the steps down like any normal person would, you get hooked up to a new rope contraption thingy, and step off a platform into thin air, descending to the ground in style…(or not). I didn’t do this bit but my daughter did because she’s fearless! She said it was a lot scarier than the zip but good fun. The safety ropes take you down at a controlled speed, to the crash mat below.

The whole experience ticks all my boxes of fun, exciting and unusual things to do with the kids in the holidays. Especially in this gorgeous weather.

Thanks ZipNow!’

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