5 Apps to make family life easier

These days it really does seem like there is an app for everything. With that in mind we set our minds to discovering the best apps out there that promise to make family life easier.  Below is our top 5 picks…. ‘appy reading’



Our Pact Parental Control and Time Management app for your child’s devices. – Our first one is actually about keeping your kids off their devices, well at least to stop them from being on them for too long. Endorsed by Jamie Oliver this app aims to “empower parents to guide their children through the balanced use of technology”. Parents are able to set limits by creating schedules, block all internet and app usage whenever they want or reward their children with the allowance feature. It really is the best app to ensure you’re voice is heard in this digital age.


ChoreMonsterEngage and reward your kids for helping around the house – Turn your child’s chores into a game! Or at least a slightly more fun way of earning rewards for working hard. This amazing app has 2 versions: one for the parent and one for the child. The parent is able to set chores, when they are do, how many virtual points completion will earn, and rewards that the child can earn once they’ve reached a certain number of points. All the child has to do is go through the list on their login and choose which chores they’re going to do based on the due time and number of points it will earn them. The parent even has full discretion over whether they believe the chore has been completed.



CoziFantastic organisation app for busy familiesThis one is actually a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner. The ultimate organisation app, with this little wonder you can keep everyone’s activities and appointments in one place, quickly create, edit and share shopping lists, chore lists, recipes and more. You can even access and update your profile from any mobile device and computer. Plus there is even a family journal option that’s a bit like a private family blog that’s quick and easy to use. It’s the perfect app for busy families.



Mamabear  – All in one family safety and communication app While it may feel a bit like spying, we live in the time of cyber bullying and this app could be one of the best ways to help counteract it. With this one app you can locate your family: be alerted when they arrive or leave places like school, home and after school activities, know what’s on their social media you can see the photos they like and upload, be aware of the language they use on their feeds and can even see the warning signs of bullying by seeing which of your “restricted words” are posted on their walls. It even has a One-Touch Panic Button that alerts all guardians immediately with current location and One-Touch parent emergency phone dial.


Canvsly  – Save and Organise your child’s artwork Never lose one of your child’s masterpieces again. Upload photographs of their artwork onto a secure server and you will always know where you put it (or at least a version of it). It even lets you organise it chronologically, share it with family and friends and convert their artwork into gifts!

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