Easter Journeys

Planning to go away for Easter? Amy, Co founder of Toddle-Off has some top tips for travelling:

The yells of ‘are we nearly there yet?’, the little feet kicking the back of your seat, the cries for the toilet when you have JUST asked them and have JUST passed the services, the critically important dummy or toy that has been lost under the seat, not to mention the TRAFFIC! But instead of staying at home and avoiding these journeys we all venture out into bank holiday traffic, thinking that this time, surely, it will all go well?

We can’t promise you that the traffic or even the weather will be good, but we can make some suggestions to help things inside the car! Here are our top tips for Toddling Off this Easter …

– Journey Time. Plan your journey time carefully, ideally around nap time. If you set off after lunch your kids will naturally feel more chilled and will have had the morning to burn off a bit of energy.

– Comfort. Pack a travel pillow and blanket and make sure your children are wearing comfy clothes. We all fidget and get grumpy when we are uncomfortable or cold. I often take my little boy’s shoes off in the car – it stops him from kicking the back of my seat!

– Toilet Breaks. Before setting off, don’t forget to change your baby’s nappy and get older children to visit the toilet. During the journey, stop regularly for toilet breaks and nappy changes. Take the opportunity for everyone to stretch their legs and have a break.

– Toys for Babies. Travel mobiles and hanging activity toys keep babies entertained. Don’t forget teething rings and dummies. Toy Ties prevent toys being dropped and you can get ties for dummies.

– Toys for Toddlers. Pack a selection of toys – their favourite ones and new ones, particularly ones they can interact with. Look for travel games. Usborne books do a great selection of cards that can be drawn on and wiped clean afterwards. Magnetic books and Magna Doodle are also great. Download and print out some games for all of the family to play. www.toddleoff.co.uk/Toddle-Off-Travel-Games. Pack music CDs to sing along to or a DVD player. Drawing and memory game apps on phones can also help, but look for the advert free ones.

– Toy Trays. You can get travel trays which provide a space for drawing and stop toys from falling on the floor. We love the Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray and the Content and Calm TrayKit.

– Snacks. Pack some snacks – packets of raisins are great for toddlers – it takes them ages to pick them out of the cardboard box and they don’t make too much of a mess when they get sprinkled all over the back of your car! Breadsticks and rice cakes are also good.

– Drinks. We have a Tommee Tippee sports bottle with a straw – it is easy for my little boy to drink from in his car seat without needing to tilt his head back and it can’t be shaken and spilt! Cartons of juice with a straw are easy to drink too.

– Attitude. (Yours, not theirs!) Before you set off, get yourself in the right frame of mind – attitude is everything. I know we are always off at least half an hour late setting off and we always forget something, I just try to expect it now!


Thanks to our friends at Toddle-Off! These are fabulous tips – we’ll be sure to use them! For more information please visit http://www.toddleoff.co.uk/

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