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Weekend Box - Full of Creative, Green And Healthy Activities for ages 3-8! 21% off

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Suitable for 5-8 years

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Just what you need for a box full of fun! Just £5.90 for a one-off box including free delivery. Packed full of fun activities it includes everything you need to keep the kids busy this Easter holiday! 

With the Weekend Box Club the hard part's done. All you have to do is choose from one of five amazing boxes filled with things to make, bake, explore and more! 

In each box you’ll find all the materials you need and the instructions for your themed activities; as well as collectable stickers for each of the characters and special awards for completing all the activities.

Choose from:

1. Film - Introduce your child to the wonderful world of Film with this Weekend Box! The four activities inside are:

  • Make with Sammy - Clapper Board
  • Bake with Wooster - Walk of Fame Stars
  • Explore with Oswald - Popcorn Bucket
  • Up-cycle with Hattie - Movie Camera

2. Flowers: Discover all about flowers with this exciting Weekend Box!

  • Make with Sammy - Flower Hand Bookmarks
  • Bake with Wooster - Marshmallow Flowers
  • Explore with Oswald - Finger Painting
  • Up-cycle with Hattie - Busy Bees

3. Rainforests: Introduce your children to the incredible rainforests of the world with this Weekend Box!

  • Make with Sammy - Parrot Mask
  • Bake with Wooster - Trail Mix Cookies
  • Explore with Oswald - Bubble Wrap Snake
  • Up-cycle with Hattie - Grow Your Own Rainforest

4. Traditional Games: Relive all the traditional games of yester-year with this exciting Weekend Box! 

  • Make with Sammy - Let's Go Fishing
  • Bake with Wooster - Teddy Bear Picnic Treats
  • Explore with Oswald - The Wonderful Twirly Whirliwig
  • Up-cycle with Hattie - Monster Cup & Ball

5. Birds: Discover all about birds and their habitats with this exciting Weekend Box!

  • Make with Sammy - Funtastic Flappy Bird
  • Bake with Wooster - Super Energy Bird Mix
  • Explore with Oswald - Adventurer Binoculars
  • Up-cycle with Hattie - The Fantastic Bird Feeder


"More than anything, I loved the fact that it enabled me to simply sit down with him amidst a world of running races, footballs and forward rolls and just enjoy working together."

"Harley has never been one who would sit still long enough to paint a picture but the Weekend Box held his attention and captured his imagination!"

"Not only are the activities fun to do, the educational aspect is just as valuable. Each activity card provides facts relating to the theme and the specific task; learning as you go."

LittleBird Top Tip

LittleBird Mum, Alex gives the lowdown on the fun she and her kids had with their Rainforest Bumper Box here!

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  • £5.90 for Weekend Box: Film, Flowers, Rainforests, Traditional Games or Birds, 21% off
  • Free Delivery! 
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  • Recommended Age: 3-8 
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