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10% off at Gravity Max

It's Gravity Time!

Suitable for 6-99 years

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If you are looking for high-tech excitement, action, energy and enjoyment with the whole family, Gravity Max has it ALL!

With over 35,000 square feet brimming with family-friendly activities, Gravity Max will knock you off your feet.  From multi-level Gravity E-Karting, high-tech AR Bowling, and captivating Immersive Gamebox, to Funbox Arcade, Hologate VR Arena, Urban Street Golf, AR Digital Darts, Esports Arena, there is something thrilling for everyone to enjoy and all under one roof!

  • Swing into the future with Urban street golf
  • Navigate the twists and turns of the track with state-of-the-art electric go-karts
  • Experience the thrill of digital darts, it is darts but not as we know it!
  • Discover the rockstar in you in the private karaoke bliss with over 30,000 songs
  • Have a blast with your crew playing the hottest games in the gaming galaxy with E-sport
  • Challenge your bowling skills with a revolutionary AR bowling experience
  • Be transported into digital realms for adventures with the immersive gamebox
  • Embark on a journey in a world beyond reality in Hologate VR gaming
  • Enjoy retro classics and a gaming paradise in FunBox Arcade

Are you ready for something special? Gravity Max offers adult fun while bringing out the kid in everyone - it is Gravity time!

And...if you are celebrating something special, why not have a party at Gravity Max?

At Gravity, they organise parties too! You can choose from one or multiple activities to try and with multiple bars and restaurants at venues, they can also provide food and drinks for your celebration too. Contact them for more details and get your party started!

Gravity Max is currently at WandsworthLiverpool and Castleford Max and the new, exciting Gravity Max Stratford Westfield is opening in May 2024!

LittleBird Top Tip

Look out for the new Gravity Max Stratford Westfield opening in May 2024! 

Dates and Prices

Site opening times and prices vary, please see website for further information

Only available Sunday to Fridays on selected activities* (see below)

Stevenage and Star City (Birmingham) are not included in the Discount offering.

Discount only applies to full priced sessions i.e. Open Jump offering only applies to 1 hour jump and not 2 hours (already discounted).

Please note the below activities only qualify for discount option.

Gravity Max

E-Karting, Urban Golf, Karoke, AR Bowling, AR Darts, Hologate VR, Shuffle Board

Need to Know
E-karting - 10% off Sunday to Friday with code 10GRAVITYLB
To book electric karting, click "Book Now", select your location, then your activity and follow the booking link. 
Arrive at least 30 minutes before the race starts to register and watch the safety briefing.
Typically, indoor go-karting races last around eight minutes but you can book more than one for a single visit.
Children can ride electric karts but with some restrictions. To drive in a dual kart, passengers must be aged between 3-10 years with a driver over the age of 12 years. To drive in a junior kart, participants must be aged 8 and above. To drive an adult kart, participants must be aged 12 and above.
To wear, comfortable clothing is suggested, shorts are acceptable. For drivers, shoes must be flat and closed-toe, with no flip-flops or high heels. Trainers or well-fitting pumps work best. All drivers need to wear purpose-manufactured balaclavas when entering our karting track.

Street Golf - - 10% off Sunday to Friday with code 10GRAVITYLB
To book, click "Buy Now", select your location, then your activity and follow the booking link.
It is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before tee off time. Please note the session time on your confirmation will be for 10 minutes which is the check in time. Please arrive during this 10 minutes to grab your golf clubs and balls. Sessions last around 45 minutes.
The venue is family-friendly and smaller clubs are provided so that kids can play comfortably and players under 15 get a special discount. Players need to be at least 4 years old. 

AR Bowling - - 10% off Sunday to Friday with code 10GRAVITYLB
To book, click "Buy Now", select your location, then your activity and follow the booking link. 
It is recommended to arrive around 20 minutes before the start of your scheduled AR bowling game. This allows for check-in and getting set up. Please note that the starting times are approximate.
Each bowling alleys can hold up to six people per game.
Families are very welcome, if children are under 15, they will even enter at a discounted price. Please take into account that, due to the specifics of the AR bowling game, the minimum age of a player is 3.
With the AR bowling alleys you can choose a theme for your game, and all the graphics and special effects will refer to it. You can also provide your own images, and they will be displayed during your AR bowling game. 

Immersive Gamebox
To book, click "Buy Now", select location, select game, time and date, provide necessary information and follow booking instructions.
Games can be filtered depending on whether it should be a whole family game, a fun experience with a group of friends or another event.
Innovative technologies are used to provide a hyper-immersive experience in the electric gamebox which include projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound.
There are games suitable for children under 12 and there are also lots of great titles for older players in the immersive gamebox for both first-timers and more advanced players. 

Hologate VR - - 10% off Sunday to Friday with code 10GRAVITYLB
To book Hologate VR arena online, click "Buy Now", select location, go to the Hologate VR booking page, select a day and hour, and the number of participants and provide required information.
A. For maximum enjoyment and immersive experience, your group should consist of a maximum of 4 people to play Hologate VR Arena.
It is recommended to arrive 20 minutes before your start time for enough time to prepare the equipment.
You and your children can choose to play children-friendly games like travelling through space, a cooking competition, or an epic snow fight.
Hologate VR Arena is suitable for children aged 6+ and adults, no matter their experience with gaming. We will guide you through the game and teach you if needed.
The gameplay takes about 5-8 minutes, depending on the game you choose. 

Digital Darts
To book digital darts, click "Buy now", select location and follow booking instructions
 Digital darts are fun for all ages, but anyone under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult aged 16 or older. Those 16+ can play independently. 
To make the most of your experience, it is recommended to arrive at the second-floor activity check-in at least 20 minutes before your start time.
Choose between 30, 60 or 90-minute time slots.
The high-tech dartboards can accommodate groups of up to six players at a time.

To book Esports, click "Buy now", select venue date and hour and complete remaining information.  
Players are asked to arrive 20 minutes before the start time to allow for set up, show the gaming station and give instructions on how to use it.
You can choose to play for 1 or 3 hours. Professional gamers can reserve the high-tech gaming station for 8 hours. 
There are plenty of children-friendly games available and there are two separate arenas for those under and above 18 years old with Pegi age ratings of 3+, 7+, 12+, and 18+.

Gravity Karaoke
To book a private karaoke booth experience, click "Buy Now", select location, booking length and number of booths needed for your group size on our website. 
Each  spacious, soundproof karaoke booths accommodates groups of up to 10 people. 
30-minute and 60-minute karaoke booth reservations are offered and there are over 30,000 songs spanning every genre to choose from.

Funbox Arcade
The Funbox Arcade arena is quite spacious and can accommodate a large group of visitors and no reservation is needed. 
There are a big collection of wall-to-wall, ride-and-play, basketball hoop games, and many more and it is suitable for all ages.

For further information on FAQ's, please see the website 
How to Redeem

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