Swoop down to Natural History Museum Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre Exhibition. Hatched and Open for Visitors!

The team at LittleBird had the pleasure of flocking down to the The Natural History Museum to have a gander at the new Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition and we can’t stop raven about it! 

It is poultry in motion, im-peck-ably presented and guides guests to dive into the story of our feathered friends throughout history and brood about their future. 

Perfect for families, the exhibition is all on one level on the ground floor (and very close to the café and facilities!) you can navigate the world of birds using your senses, with interactive activities to ruffle your feathers and everything is at a low-level too, perfect for little ones! 

It surely is the nest best thing to visit in London and you can book your tickets here

The brand-new Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London is now open. Offering a fascinating and immersive experience into the world of birds, showcasing their incredible diversity and intriguing behaviours, this exhibition is sure to be a hoot for the whole family!

Birds are an integral part of our daily lives, from their melodious songs in the morning to their graceful flights across the sky but how well do we really know our feathered friends? 

With interactive, sensory and informative displays, there are lots of things you can touch, see, hear and smell (beware of the stinky fish egg!). Clear labelling with snippets of fascinating facts make it all super accessible for younger members of the family to experience.

The exhibition is perfect for families and recommended for hatchlings aged 8 +.

The Natural History Museum’s new flagship exhibition delves into the wonderful world of avian species, shedding light on their astounding evolutionary adaptations and survival techniques that birds have developed over millions of years, enabling them to respond swiftly to challenges and changes. 

It showcases how birds have thrived for millions of years with their incredible adaptability and unique physical abilities and what new adaptations birds might develop to coexist and thrive together with humans in a changing world.  

Did you know that Zebra Finches sing to their young when they sleep?
Or that Hoopooes poo in their nest?
Or that some species of bird need to find 1000 caterpillars a day to feed their young?
Or that Spix Macaws deter their predators by playing dead?
Or that Jays can remember up to 11,000 places they have hidden acorns?

There are so many fascinating facts to digest throughout the exhibition and interactive exhibits to get your claws into! 

From sucking blood to bathing in acid, our feathered friends have found surprising, clever and downright freaky ways to survive. 

But the way we live our lives is beginning to affect how they live theirs. As the effects of a changing world come home to roost, can we find a way to take them under our wing and create a future where they can soar once more?

“In a world where every flap of a wing tells a story, our new exhibition beckons you to join the flock and unlock the surprising secrets of avian survival. Birds are brilliant, and bizarre, and our world would be a poorer place without them. Let us ignite your curiosity and passion for the natural world, inspiring you to both marvel at the wonders of these remarkable creatures and take action to protect them, for a future where both people and planet thrive.”

Director of the Natural History Museum, Dr Doug Gurr

Adult (17-59): £16.50
Child (4-16): £9.95
Family Tickets : From £29
Concession (Student, Senior 60+): £13.20

Book now to secure the best dates and availability.
Plus exhibition ticket holders can skip the queues at the entrance!
Museum members can enjoy unlimited free entry and RSPB members get 20% off full price tickets. 

Gotta fly….thank you to The Natural History Museum for the opportunity to tern up and view this wonderful thought-provoking and inspiring exhibition.

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To book tickets for your visit, click here.

That’s owl for now!

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