Have you tried What On Earth! Magazine?

A review by LittleBird Mum, Alex

Kids love facts. That is a fact. And Kids love sharing facts too! 

With brains like sponges, their wonderful, developing young minds are endlessly curious and hungry for information. They love to learn about the wonderful world they live in, love to talk about their discoveries and ask lots of questions too! 

What if there was a way in this modern world of blending education with entertainment and enjoyment that is also engaging? There is! We have found it, What on Earth! Magazine. 

What On Earth! Magazine is the UK’s fastest growing monthly magazine for children aged 7-14 years and is published in partnership with the world-renowned Britannica Publishing, who need no introduction.  

Produced monthly and delivered directly to your door, the 50+ page magazine is colourfully crammed cover to cover with fun facts, phenomenal photos, amazing articles, puzzles, quizzes, jokes, crafts and literally so much more! 

We had the pleasure of receiving What On Earth! Magazine for our children to review and I can honestly say it has been read cover to cover (by us parents as well as the children!) and we all found it captivating, fighting over who reads it first! 

Did you know that it is a legal requirement in Milan to smile? 

Or that 9,200 kg of human poo is secreted every second? 

Or that plants grow faster if you play them music? 

Or that Doctors use VR to train to do surgery? 

Or that flying fish can fly the length of 15 double-decker buses? 

Or that volcancoes can errupt with magma that contains diamonds? 

Or that in Florida it is illegal to break wind after 6pm on a Thursday in a public place? 

Nor did we. So next time we are in Milan or Florida, we will remain mindful and once completely safe, scour volcano sites for any lingering diamonds too!  

Needless to say, the resulting conversations we had over family meal-times about the facts we discovered in the magazine made for compelling conversations and perhaps most importantly got us all talking, off the screens and engaged with each other!  

Pitched perfectly at 7-14 year olds, What On Earth! is going to be a permanent fixture in our household and we are looking forward to it dropping on our doorstep monthly.  

Thank you What On Earth! Magazine for the opportunity to review your magazine…..just off to pop the radio on for the plants. 

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