A Blockbuster Night In: How to Have the Cinema Experience At Home

Feeling lost without your blockbuster fix? We’ve got you covered. Round up everyone at home (pets included!) and head to the living room for the best cinematic experience of your life… we hope!

What will we watch we hear you say? 

All of your favourite streaming services including Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime Video have a whole host of family-friendly films for you to work your way through. Search through 1000’s of new and classic movies from all types of genres and take it in turns to choose the next showing in your households cinema. Don’t forget about Netflix’s new cinema party! Get all your friends and family involved in your cinema night from their own homes. Best part? You don’t have to share your snacks!

But where will we all sit?

Simple! Gather all the duvets and pillows from your rooms, lay them over the floor and get cosy. Nobody needs the swanky recliner chairs anyway.

Snacks? You can’t forget about snacks!

Don’t worry, we saved the best till last. The days of expensive pick ’n mix sweets and cold cinema nachos are over… for now. Head to the supermarket and all pick a bag of your favourite sweets, a flavour of popcorn and a pizza. Whilst your pizzas are in the oven bubbling away in cheesy heaven, you can decide on your film for the night. Empty the popcorn and sweets into bowls and your carpet picnic is ready to go.

Wait, we’re not finished yet…

Have the kids got you watching their favourite Disney films for the 790th time? Disney love to sneak in as many references to their other films as possible. So for the next time you find yourself with one of the famous animated characters on your screen, why not have a little competition to see who can spot the most? The winner gets to choose the next film!

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