9 Mother’s Day at Home Ideas

Mother’s Day this year may be a bit of a tricky one with the government urging people to social distance where possible, meaning all of those restaurants, theatre shows and events that have been booked are now on hold. But all is not lost! Instead of taking Mum out this weekend, here are some stay at home ideas as the best gift you can give Mum is quality time together!

Make Her Lunch

Whether it’s a traditional Sunday lunch, a DIY Afternoon Tea or simply her favourite meal, let Mum put her feet up (and cover her eyes!) as you work your magic in the kitchen. Make sure you clean up before she comes in!

Help with the Gardening

Spring is here after all… With many of us spending a lot more time at home than normal, having a beautiful outdoor space to relax and get some fresh air in will do the whole family a world of good.

Watch her Favourite Film

There will be no Paw Patrol insight this Sunday. Hand the remote and Netflix account over to Mum to set up an all-star movie marathon – pyjamas and popcorn are essential. You could even set up a Netflix Party with all of your Mum’s friends or the grandparents you can’t visit this Mother’s Day.

Do a Yoga Class at Home

Is Mum missing out on her daily Yoga fix? Doing an exercise class at home is not only a fun way to get your daily dose of exercise but will also be a great bonding activity perfect for Mothering Sunday.

Set up a Family Skype Session

If you can’t be together this Mother’s Day then there is no need to worry! There are plenty of options such as Skype and Facetime that will do the job of getting the whole family in the same ‘room’. Watch the Mums open their cards or even have dinner together over video call!

DIY Spa Day

Transform your home into the fancy spa of your Mum’s dreams! Stick some of her favourite bubble- bath in the tub, paint on your face masks and enjoy an at-home girly day… boys are welcome too of course!

Home-Made Cards 

A fun DIY card is a gift that keeps on giving. Round up all of your arts and crafts essentials and get creative. But don’t throw it away when Mother’s Day is over! Pop it in a memory box to look back on in 5-10 years times, you’ll be surprised at the funny things you and the kids wrote back in the day.

Mummy Vouchers

This voucher entitles you to 1… Put together a booklet of all of Mum’s favourite things from a cup of tea and dinner to the washing done and unlimited hugs!

Plan Ahead!

There is always light at the end of the tunnel! Why not spend this Mother’s Day planning a fantastic day out for the whole family when everything goes back to ‘normal’? It will give you all something to look forward to and keep the spirits high no matter where you are this Mothering Sunday.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this weekend? We would love to hear all of your ideas. Tag us on Facebook @LittleBird and Instagram @littlebirddeals for a chance to be featured on our socials! 

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