20 Fun Things To Do at Home with Kids

Being stuck inside is boring, end of! With the question of ‘when not if‘ we’ll all be battening down the hatches playing on everybody’s minds, we want to help make adjusting to a new life within 4 walls easier for all of our LittleBird families.

We have teamed up with our friends over at toucanBox to find out their top tips for fun things to do at home with the kids!

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There is probably not a single child between 1 and 10 who doesn’t like to build and play in dens or caves. At toucanBox HQ the great majority of us claim to be grown-ups, and we’d all love to while away an afternoon building a massive pillow fort.

Children’s imaginations go wild with this activity. From planning the build – what will they use to make their den? Can they gather the materials themselves? – to playing inside of it, each step is an absolute pleasure. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired to come up with exciting, fun-filled role play, or simply enjoy a change the scene and play with their toys ‘hidden away’ in their cave.

The easiest way to create a stable den is through using a blanket or bed sheet and cover a table or some other furniture moved together. You can create quite a spacious den using four chairs arranged in a square with the blanket placed over the backrests. Add few cushions added into the cave and your kids will have a great time for sure.

making a den


We really like this idea a lot. It definitely falls into the category of things to do at home with a poorly-feeling child and requires nothing but things you already have at home. It’s up to your imagination and circumstances – how big do you want this celebration to be?

It could be anything from just a pretend tea party – maybe in your poorly child’s best to make sure they’re resting up – to a big party with music, balloons, treats and party games (think Musical Statues, Pass The Parcel and Simon Says). You can even think about inviting some of your child’s friends over to join in the fun. And party balloons will still give the kids endless fun even when the party is over.

One tip from our side: start with a little smaller party as we are convinced that your children may ask for more parties like this. Be prepared to have a few ideas in reserve in case all the toys start piping up and saying their birthdays are coming up, too.

hosting a kids’ birthday party


Take a messy play tray or a washing up bowl. Fill it with any uncooked rice and pop in several things to help your kids to become rice-panning-experts: Spoons, bowls, cups, balls, toys – anything you can think of really. The kids love it; it’s like messy play without the mess. Rice is way easier to clean up than teeny-tiny sand grains. So everyone wins!

For all twenty fun things to do with the kids at home visit toucanBox

What are your thoughts on the current Coronavirus situation? If you have any other ideas to keep the kids entertained at home, we would love to hear them. Tag us on Facebook @LittleBird and Instagram @littlebirddeals for a chance to be featured on our socials! 

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