18 Egg-cellent Disney Movie Easter Eggs

With Easter around the corner and Disney+ launching this week, we’ve decided our Easter Egg Hunt is going to take a decidedly Disney turn, specifically trying to find all the Easter Eggs hidden in Disney films. The animators over at Disney love to try and sneak in as many references to old films and in jokes as they can so here are a few. We’ve stuck to 1 per movie but there are hundreds so the next time you’re forced to watch another Disney movie for the 1000th time, entertain yourself by trying to see if you can spot them all.

1. The Little Mermaid


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are among the crowd during King Triton’s entrance.

2. Aladdin


The Beast appears as one of the Sultan’s toys.

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Pumbaa from The Lion King, are seen on the street surrounding Notre Dame during the “Out There” scene.

4. 101 Dalmatians


Peg, from Lady and the Tramp, appears in the window of Percy’s Pet Shop during the Twilight Bark scene.

5. Brother Bear


Nemo makes a cameo in the scene where Kenai disrupts the salmon fishing.

6. Oliver and Company


Ratigan, from The Great Mouse Detective, and Scooby Doo are hidden among the photos in the “Perfect Isn’t Easy” scene.

7. Hercules


Scar is the slain Nemean Lion.

8. Tangled


Pinocchio is hidden up in the rafters above Flynn Rider during the “I’ve Got a Dream” scene.

9. Lilo & Stitch


When Lilo is watching the falling star, a Dumbo toy sits in the background on the art easel.

10. The Princess and the Frog


King Triton appears as a Mardi Gras float.

11. Tarzan


Mrs. Potts and Chip are in Porter’s camp.

12. Beauty & the Beast


When Maurice and Felipe are lost in the woods they find a road sign, two of the routes on the sign read Anaheim and Valencia.
– Anaheim: Where Disneyland is.
– Valencia: Where California Institute of the Arts is located and many Disney artists come from.

13. A Goofy Movie


Mickey Mouse can be seen in the audience of the concert during the dance number between Max, Goofy, and Powerline.

14. The Great Mouse Detective


Dumbo makes a cameo as a bubble toy.

15. Frozen


Rapunzel and Flynn Rider can be seen attending the coronation of Elsa.
But, there is also some debate that perhaps Tiana and Naveen attended the coronation as well.

16. Wreck-It Ralph


Tangled cameo by  Vladimir, one of the thugs at the Snuggly Duckling.

17. Big Hero 6


Hans from Frozen is seen in a Wanted poster.

18. Winnie The Pooh


This adorable disclaimer can be seen at the end of the credits.

All the images used are from www.findingmickey.com – check them out for the definitive list of all the disney references, cameos and hidden Mickeys in the Disney universe. 

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