10 Fun Easy Recipes for Kids

Whilst the thought of a crunchy egg shell fairy-cake might rattle your inner Mary Berry, letting the kids help in the kitchen teaches them from a young age the importance of healthy, nutritious food plus it’s fun. And who know’s you might be able to put your feet up while the kids cook dinner. Here’s hoping!

We have scoured the internet far and wide to find our top 10 easy recipes for kids to inspire them this weekend. From quick bakes to healthy snacks, we have something for the fussiest of little taste buds.

Start with a classic cheese and tomato base, then comes the extra fun part – the kids get to add whichever toppings they fancy!

The one time where toys in the kitchen and in the food is okay! Get your rooooar on and stamp those (toys) feet.

Simply choose your favourite breakfast cereal, grab your favourite fruit (if there is one!) and you are ready to rock and roll.

Summer isn’t quite over yet…

Salad in a Jar!? – Mind BLOWN!

Not your average cheese on toast hey?

Veggies in Pizza form – mum win!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away I guess?

A new, cute, not so spiky member of the family!

Breakfast in bed pending!

Let us know how you get on with these great recipes – Tag us in all your pictures with #LittleBird and don’t forget to tag #KidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay too!

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