The actual reality arcade – an interactive game zone for all

If you’re looking for an easy peasy way to get the kids off their screens this weekend and out about then look no further.  Why not head down to nine elms where the the former Royal Mail delivery office has been taken over from the 15/1/20 to 26/1/20.  One empty warehouse with two interactive art installations, this looks like great fun for everyone.

Of All The People In All The World

An interactive installation by Stan’s Cafe uses grains of rice to represent abstract statistics from the US and UK.

The Actual Reality Arcade

A life-sized interactive zone for all ages which is inspired by 10 classic arcade games such as Tetris walls and Pac-Man and where you play for real bringing back the chance to relive nostalgic memories and create new ones with physical fun for all ages.

Find out more on the nine elms website


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