Kookie Magazine: Fuelled by Girl Power

As an avid Kookie Magazine subscriber, LittleBird’s Alex and her daughter Isabella (8 going on 12!) were only too happy to pen a few words about Kookie Magazine, the award-winning magazine for girls aged 7-12+…

Finally! There is a magazine for girls to champion everything they can aspire to be NOT what they should conform to be. With 56 pages of rich content, Kookie Magazine comes out quarterly, it is 100% ad-free and perfectly pitched to reach, engage and inspire tween-age girls everywhere!

No fashion, no beauty, no shopping, no gossip, no celebrities, no plastic and absolutely no ads. So very refreshing! Instead, inspirational stories from role-models around the world, biographies of real-life entrepreneurs and achievers, topical issues, healthy debates, advice columns, puzzles, new things to try, recipes, original stories, comics, cool facts, world-calendars, book reviews and so, so much more.

With absolutely the right language, the magazine is contemporary, colourful, content-rich and serves to open the eyes of the reader to the wide, complex and fun world around them in such an engaging way, helping to shape their own values and beliefs and make sense of it all.

We have been subscribing to Kookie Magazine for around 18 months now and honestly, it is the one book (and I class it as a book as there is so much content!) that my daughter picks up and repeatedly reads. I often find her snuggled under the duvet clutching a torch and devouring the magazine from cover to cover and I just love that.

The magazine has really inspired Isabella to be creative to write stories of her own (after reading a feature on how to write a story and poem), be entrepreneurial (she took to creating and wanting to sell her own lip balms as a business after reading a feature), be environmentally aware (“Mummy, I think we should have two meat-free days per week, I was reading how it  would help our environment”) and just tackle every day life with boosted confidence, a “can-do” and a positive attitude.

In fact, it is so inspirational that from reading Kookie magazine articles, she now wants to be a professional bee-keeper, astronaut, cross-country champion and skateboarder, intrepid adventurer, world famous author, topical journalist, marine biologist and ecowarrior who wants to compete on Junior Masterchef. And she just might!

Thank you Kookie Magazine, we love your publications and we look forward to many, many more.

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