Top ways to keep the kids cool this summer!

It’s hot outside, oh and inside for that matter! With temperatures reaching record levels today we have pulled together some top tips for keeping the kids cool in the heat.


  1. Homemade lollies – Freeze water, milk or the kids favourite fruit juice in ice lolly moulds to make a refreshing healthy ‘cool me down’ snack.
  2. Frozen fruit kebabs – choose from Grapes, Mango, Kiwi, Melon or Pineapple, thread onto a skewer and pop in the freezer for 45 mins.
  3. Frozen hot water bottles – fill a hot water bottle half with water then freeze. Take out of the freezer and wrap in a towel, voila, pop it in the bed.
  4. Break out the water balloons –  give the kids a bucket each of water balloons in their favourite colour. The first one to burst all their balloons over the other teams is the winner. Bonus points for hitting mum or dad.
  5. Homemade Slip ‘n’ Slide – Grab some Black bin bags, Fairy washing up liquid and a hose – the worlds best slip and slide.
  6. DIY Air Con – Place a bowl of ice or frozen water bottles in front of a fan to make your own air con.
  7. Icy water – Half fill a water bottle with water, pop in freezer, once frozen fill up the rest of the way with water for a lovely icy drink.
  8. Make an indoor arctic pool – Fill the bath with water and ice cubes, stick on your best swimming clothes and get splashing. A great way to cool down and escape the sun.


If you have no choice but to head out into the Sun then remember these 4 quick tips. Apply sun-cream before you go, Wear a hat, carry water at all times and try to stay in the shade!


For tons of ideas of things to do with the kids head over to the website –

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