The 10. Step Guide to Traveling with Your Family on a Budget


The number 1 thing that stops anyone from travelling is money, everyone wants to get away but it’s always so hard to get around how much it is going to cost. So here are our tips on how to cut prices when you’re travelling with the family. The best thing is most of these will work whether you’re traveling abroad or enjoying a great British stay-cation.

  1. Decide what you want to spend. – As with all budgeting you can’t actually work out a budget until you know what you can afford to spend.
  2. Accommodation – Decide on a weekly budget just for what your accommodation costs are going to be and stick to it! When looking for places to stay try to take into account that renting apartments/hotel rooms with kitchens can help to make big savings on food costs and a place within walking distance to entertainment/ necessities will really save you on travel. Maybe give camping a try?
  3. Self-Service – eating at home or picnicking is the best way to avoid a massive bill for each meal. Located the local grocery store and stock up on simple breakfast foods, lunch supplies and snacks. It’s also best to take reusable water bottles to refill throughout the day.
  4. Eat locally and seasonally – try the local farmers markets and if you’re abroad try the local beers and wines. They will be a lot cheaper than sticking to the imports you know.
  5. Buy your supplies before you go – sun cream, water toys, floats, etc. are all so much cheaper a home than by the sea
  6. Talk to the locals – Unless you’re visiting the village from An American Werewolf in London local residents are usually full of all best info about their area. They’ll know the best and cheapest places to eat so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation.
  7. Transport – There are so many things to consider here. If you’re flying what’s the cheapest way to and from the airport. Do you really need to rent a car? Can you walk to most places? Sometimes the cost of frequent taxis can be less than renting and fuelling a car. If you are driving places plan your route to avoid tolls.
  8. Research – look at the attractions near where you’re going and see if they have specific “kids go free days” etc. or if you can find any discount vouchers online.
  9. Credit cards – if you’re going abroad those foreign transaction fees can be a killer. Unfortunately there are only a couple of cards that don’t have one. However The Halifax Clarity card has received great reviews and seems to be a great choice if you’re looking to avoid those charges.
  10. Local Currency – If you haven’t got your accommodation through a large holiday company like Thomas Cook and are paying via bank transfer try using an online exchange service like Azimo to change your pounds into the local currency therefore making sure you’re not paying more because of the exchange rate.

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