Shakespearean Family Fun this Half Term

This half term, our friends at Shakespeare’s Globe have plenty of Shakespearean family fun including Stage fighting, Elizabethan dressing and play printing. Enjoy these videos that give you a great flavour of what you can expect. These demonsatrations are included in the exhibition and tour experience.  To buy your tickets for this half term, click here and introduce the kids to Shakespeare!


Elizabethan Dressing
Using clothes from the Globe Theatre wardrobe, we’ll explain the intricacies of dressing and the significance of clothing in Elizabethan society. Do you know the origin of the phrases ‘straight-laced’, ‘loose women’ or ‘pin money’? And what did Shakespeare’s contemporaries use as a stain remover? All will be be revealed as you watch a volunteer (it could be you!) be dressed as a character from a Shakespeare play.

Stage Fighting
Watch an exciting demonstration of Elizabethan stage combat techniques including an explanation of how stage fighting was used by Shakespeare and his contemporaries in Early Modern plays

Printing the plays:
Did you know that hardly anything written in Shakespeare’s hand survives today but Shakespeare’s Globe have his plays and poems only because they were printed as books. Using a full-size recreation of a 17th- century printing press, you and the kids will be shown the amazingly sophisticated methods behind making books. You’ll discover the remarkable and precarious journey of playwrights’ words from the stage to the page.

Looking for ideas for the rest of half term, check out Things to Do and our weekly What’s On blog too.

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