The King’s Cross Bee Trail


Bees are important! As our top pollinators, they pollinate the majority of the crops that feed 90% of the world and we’ve not even got onto talking about the flowers! The Honey Club’s mission is to create and support networks of bee caring communities in urban spaces – from rooftop to garden, hive to street, business to people.

This summer they have embedded state-of-the-art technology at 7 stops along a 45 minute walking trail in Kings Cross. Let the kids discover the 7 stops and learn about bees, their environment and their relationship to people. They can take part in a citizen science project and become bee-spotters too.

When: Until 15th September
Where: Granary Square, look out for the wooden hexagonal signs, the first stop is outside the Caravan Restaurant.
Age: Families
Cost: Free, download the app here

LittleBird Top Tip: Why not visit the House of Illustration while you’re in Kings Cross and take a trip down memory lane with the kids at Design by Ladybird, a new exhibition that  celebrates 100 years of Ladybird. There’s the fountains to splash about and enjoy before you have a quiet moment in the British Library and explore their current Magna Carta exhibition – watch this video narrated by Monty Python’s Terry Jones with the kids before you go.


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