Mums in Technology – Child-Friendly Coding School

Are you a Mum on maternity leave or a stay-at-home Mum or Dad who is an aspiring entrepreneur? LittleBird has just found out about this new programme set up by Mums in Technology.  It offers to teach essential coding skills required to enable parents to accelerate their ideas. Mums in Technology are offering a free 8 week child-friendly startup course.


The FREE “CoffeeTalks” will run on Wednesdays from the 9th of September for 8 weeks at the central London office of Thoughtworks!

There are 20 places available (10 per session) and there will be 2 “CoffeeTalks” from 10am-11am and 11am-12pm.

To find out more and to sign up, visit Mums in Technology’s website. If you are not based in London you can still sign up to receive information about coding and programmes coming to your area.




Mums in Technology’s baby-friendly eight-week programme  is built on the principle of encouraging innovation through collaboration, mentorship, and networking, geared entirely towards getting new parents to set their ideas in motion. They will work on developing their project within a community of parent entrepreneurs, and the best part is they can bring their baby along for the ride – amazing!

* It’s OK to come without your baby
** Men welcome!

CoffeeTalks will be led by successful entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts and others.

Mums in Technology firmly believes that stay at home parents and Mums on maternity leave have so much to contribute to the technology sector and are an untapped market. Discover your potential and explore that idea that you’ve never quite had the courage to pursue.

The sessions are aimed at all abilities, whether you have done some coding in your spare time or are a complete novice, there will be something for you. The courses are completely adaptable and collaborative.


And yes, you might be wandering how the children will be kept busy. They have curated activities for older children to do whilst the parents are learning, or you can have them next to you. There will be lots of bean bags to get comfortable. The session will be really relaxed so everyone has lots of fun.



Founder’s Note

Welcome to Mums in Technology, a company that is very dear to my heart.

I am a Mum of 2, currently on maternity leave from my job as a Tech Banker. For some time now I have had an idea for an app I wanted to build and never quite had the courage. This maternity leave, I decided I would put aside my fears and go for it! So I contacted developers and found that they really weren’t as cheap as I imagined. This made me think, why not learn to code! So I took up online courses at codecademy and General Assembly but that still wasn’t enough. I really wanted to work alongside other people in the same situation – great idea but no technical skills or minimal.

I reached out to several very lovely people who have helped to make this dream a reality. We welcome Mums and Dads who have an idea or would like to learn the technical skills needed to get your business going in this fast paced world of technology we live in.

My dream for the programme is for it to be collaborative and for all involve to give back to the group any skills you have and really help Accelerate each other. I really look forward to getting to know you all and learning alongside you.


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