Where’s Wally? Fun Run!

Some of our LittleBird’s and their little ones took part in this fantastic event at Victoria Park last year – a great event and day. We asked our friends at The National Literacy Trust, who run this event, where the idea came from and what exactly do the National Literacy Trust do.


We at the National Literacy Trust believe that the importance of supporting your child’s reading cannot be overestimated. We work across the country, helping disadvantaged children read and write, supporting schools’ literacy provision and engaging families with their children’s learning.

Below are some fun and easy ways of supporting your children’s learning, but you can also help other children in the UK by signing up for our Where’s Wally? fun run.

Join us in Victoria Park, E3 to  walk, jog or run 5 or 10km and help disadvantaged children read and write. You can read more about the fun run at www.literacytrust.org.uk/whereswally.


Our top tips for supporting your child’s reading:

Be a role model

One of the most important things you can do is to read yourself. When we surveyed children about their reading role models, their parents were top of their list. If your child sees you reading, they will copy your behaviour, even from a very young age. It also provides great opportunities to discuss as a family what you are all reading and what you enjoy.


Like the rest of us, children love praise! Be sure to encourage their efforts. Treating reading as a reward in itself, rather than a task to be completed, will also help give your child positive views of reading. Reading for pleasure, above all other factors, has the most influence on a child’s attainment. Therefore, make sure your child is reading things that they enjoy – if they like dinosaurs then find books and other literature on dinosaurs!

Don’t forget your library!

Your local library is a goldmine – make sure you use it. It will give your child a chance to explore titles for themselves, and take part in any fun reading events. Ask the librarian for advice too – they are experts in literature and only too happy to offer advice and guidance.

Technology is not the enemy

eBooks and other technologies can enhance and enrich a child’s reading experience. Reading in all its forms is beneficial to children, whether that’s through traditional print books, e-books, other digital devices, comics, magazines or even menus and road signs when they’re out and about. 

Make it fun

Don’t be afraid to really engage with books – do voices for younger (and sometimes older!) children, act out scenes, visit places where characters might have lived. Reading at home should be an enjoyable activity for both you and your child and can provide some lovely bonding opportunities.

Go online

Take a look at the National Literacy Trust’s website for parents www.wordsforlife.org.uk. This site is full of free resources for parents, lists of milestones for different age groups, as well as competitions and book give-aways.


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