Halloween Games for your little Monsters!

Halloween fun and games, tricks and treats!!!

Not feeling spooky? Still yet to get into the ‘spirit’ (sorry, couldn’t resist). We asked our good friends and party organisers extraordinaire Sharky & George to let us have their favourite, favourite Halloween games – have fun and enjoy with your little monsters 🙂


Doughnuts on strings


A classic, but always brilliant.  Hang lots of ring doughnuts from on strings from a beam or the ceiling, then get everyone to try to eat one without using their hands or licking their lips.


Apple Bobbing followed by Flour Bobbing


Everyone knows how to bob for apples, but once you’ve had a go at it, then you need a big bowl full of flour with sweets hidden in the flour.  Once you’ve successfully bobbed for an apple, you then have to get a sweet out of the flour in your mouth without using your hands.  Be warned, this is very messy and very sticky, but hilarious!


Pumpkin Bowling


Take 6 full loo rolls and draw big eyes on each roll to create your ghosts.  Make a pyramid of the ghosts on the floor, 3 at the bottom, 2 in the middle and one on top, these are your skittles.  Then using a small pumpkin, take it in turns to try to knock over all the ghosts.


Broomstick Decorating


Buy small fancy dress broomsticks for everyone, then using stickers, feathers, furry pipe cleaners and pom-poms, you can personalise and decorate your own broom to fly around on.


Spooky Witch Hats

This is a take on the classic blindfolded spooky guess what’s in the jar game.  Use small tupperware without lids on to put all your spooky things into, then put a witches hat on top of each tupperware with a slit in the top big enough to fit your hand through.  If they are brave enough, children take it in turns to feel what’s inside each witch hat, some good ones to try are:


Peeled grapes or lychees – eyeballs

Oily pasta and spaghetti – guts

Dry cornflakes – flakey scabs

Cold scrambled egg – brain

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