Something silly for the Weekend – Brilliant Egg Trick

We’ve teamed up with our fabulous friends at Sharky & George to bring you a weekly dose of silliness!


For this week’s silliness, it is quite an easy trick to do, but is very impressive to watch.

You will need:
1 large water glass
1 outside sleeve of a small matchbox
1 small biscuit tin lid (or a small baking tray)
1 or maybe 2 (just in case) raw egg
1 broom stick or mop
Some water
-Fill the glass almost full of water
-Put the glass right next to the edge of a table
-Put the biscuit tin lid centrally upside down on top of the glass
-Put the matchbox sleeve standing on its end on the tin lid directly above the
middle of the glass
-Balance the egg on top of the matchbox sleeve
-Get your audience ready!
-Put the head of the broom or mop on the floor underneath the glass
-Hold the top of the broom stick and sharply shove it forwards so it hits the
edge of the biscuit tin lid pretty hard.
-If all goes to plan, the lid should slide forwards, the match box sleeve
should hold the egg in the air for a second and the egg should plop safely
into the glass of water without breaking!

Microsoft Word - Jan Something Silly.doc


Tune in, for more silliness 🙂

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