Something silly for the weekend…Upside Down Faces

We’ve teamed up with our fabulous friends at Sharky & George to bring you a weekly dose of silliness!


For this week’s silliness, you will need a camera or video camera, and another person to help out!

Here’s what you need to do:

-Choose a character you’d like to be

-One of you needs to lie down on your back on a table with your head hanging
over the edge
-The other person needs to turn your chin into a face
-Draw eyes onto your chin
-Stick cotton wool, fluff, grass, tinsel or anything else on the top of your chin to
be hair
-Maybe put lipstick onto your lips
-Or draw a moustache or beard on
-It’s a good idea to put a scarf or t-shirt on your chest and over your nose and
-Then start talking or even better singing to the camera!

Microsoft Word - Jan Something Silly.doc


Make all sorts of funny faces and make sure to be as outrageous as possible!

Watch a video here for an example!

Tune in next week for a big blast of silliness!


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