Half-Term Sillyness with Sharky & George.

Hooorayyy!! Half-Term is upon us, can we be any more excited?

Our fabulous friends at Sharky & George have some fabulous ways in which to entertain the troops over half term:

As the colder (and wetter) weather approaches, we are regularly asked “what do we do if it rains?” by understandably anxious parents organising their child’s birthday party.  Our rather annoying response is usually….. “we’ll get wet”, for which we make no apology as rain often improves a Survival or Mini Olympics party!  If, however, your party must be inside, here are a few ideas of great things to do with lots of children in a small indoor space:

Sharky & George Party Smartie Sucking

Smartie Sucking Championships
Split the group into two teams
Give everyone a cup and a straw
Cover two separated big tables with Smarties
Each team stands around a table and on ‘GO’ the teams race to get all their Smarties into their cups using suction through the straws only.

Strictly NO HANDS!


3-legged Balloon Burst
This is a noisy one
Blow up enough balloons for one between two
Tie a large elastic band around the knot of each balloon
Get everyone into pairs and give each pair one of the balloons
Each pair make themselves 3-legged with the elastic band, making sure the balloon is hanging behind their ankles
When the music starts, each pair has to burst everyone else’s balloons whilst keeping their own intact
The last team with a balloon wins


Balloon Keepy Uppy
Very simple, but very good fun
Blow up masses of balloons
Everyone has to keep them all off the ground


Strawberry Bootlace Race
Give everyone a strawberry bootlace
Get everyone to put one end into their mouth and their hands behind their back
On ‘GO’ the race begins to eat the bootlace as fast as possible without using their hands

S&G Survival Party

Indoor Assault Course

Turn your house into an obstacle course with tunnels between sofas, bumpy slides down stairs and slalom between chairs. Time individuals or teams to complete the course as quickly as possible.  To make it harder, get them to try to race whilst carrying a cup of water, the most water to return to the finish line wins!

S&G Parachute

Junk Percussion
Collect lots of bottles, jars and cans
Put out bowls of lentils, rice, coins, gravel and sand as well as gaffer tape, coloured card and felt tips pens
Get everyone to create their own percussion instruments then play some great music for everyone to play along to
Might be worth getting some ear defenders for this!


Want some more silly-ness? Take a look at their website 🙂

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