On A Mission at LittleBird’s Treehouse

Our friend Hannah, founder of On a Mission will be joining us on Saturday and Sunday in LittleBird’s Tree House during Mums Show Live, Thurs 16th – Sunday 19th May.

She tells us why, for her, Mums Show Live couldn’t have come soon enough.

“When I heard about an event for school age children and their families, it was like coming home.  It was a shock to find, when researching for the launch of On a Mission, what little profile families of school age children have. For the first 5 years of our children’s lives we are inundated with advice, products and services, all designed to improve our lives and those of our children.  But once we wave our precious people off to school, all these “experts” scarper.

Why is this?  What happens when a child moves through school that causes them and their parents to lose their voice?  Well, I have my theories:

1.    It’s just too darned difficult –The first 5 years of being a parent are easy.  Sleep deprived we may be, as well as having silver trails permanently encrusted on our shoulders, but there is generally a right or wrong answer for most problems we encounter.  But by the age of 6 or 7, black and white has dissolved into worrying shades of grey (along with our hair).  As a parent of school aged children, you are instantly expected to be psychologist, nutritionist, UN peace envoy and chauffeur rolled into one, not to mention the need to be able to explain long division for the first time in 25 years.  Not surprisingly then, all those that have previously been so willing to help, have filed our lives into the “too difficult” box.

2.    No! – This is the age when our children (shock horror) actually know their own minds.  At 6, my daughter rejected her pure cotton smock in favour of a purple nylon fleece.  I suspect her motive was not style-led, but rather because it enabled her to go around electrocuting her brothers by merely brushing passed them, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

While this newly-acquired independent thought in our children will always have its frustrations, we really should see it as something to celebrate.  By 8, our children are buzzing with creativity, possibility and ideas.  They are so interesting and original and fun to be around – not all of the time, but enough for it to be a privilege to be a parent

So let’s all get together at Mums Show Live and celebrate this stage in our lives.  Let’s browse the wonderful products on offer and enjoy with our children the fantastic entertainment that is being laid on.  Bring your children to visit On a Mission in the LittleBird Treehouse and we promise you that you will be amazed by what they can do.”


On a Mission will be providing a variety of activities for 7-12 year olds that will challenge their courage, taste-buds, code-cracking skills and senses of humour.  With things to smell and taste, forfeits to perform and cryptic clues to solve, they will be thoroughly entertained and stimulated. So come and join us in the Tree House at Mums Show Live.

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