Matt Roberts Training with you

After running our deal for Matt Roberts “Training with you” one of our birds (and fellow friends from the office) went in for the plunge. Here are some thoughts from our Clare whilst she embarks on her detoxing journey (all healthy ones of course!).

Week 1

Here we are getting weighed in … measured and assessed for the Matt Roberts training programme at Bird Camp! A painless & simple, start so now a week to gear up to the next level. Yes, the fitness part! Looks like we’ll have to resist our end of the month office pizza order (see proof below).


Week 2

Tonight is the second session of the Matt Roberts -Training with you – 6 week training programme I have embarked upon in the name of you all and product testing…. brave I know in fact not just me from Bird Camp but Flo, Nadia and Charlotte are braving the lycra in the name of research. Our first session had us all weighed in and measured as a standard to go against, for our own personal goals, all different shapes and sizes… naturally. The Ladies, mostly statuesque and me the one in dire need still, the camaraderie is there so we can all share in the pain – of no bread, crumpets or pizza at work. The day after our first session we had our pre pay-day pizza, I had my birthday last weekend so tonight will be interesting… I did yoga for the first time in YEARS because of this, the programme encourages us to exercise every other day but I really enjoyed it! I like the idea of resting also … still we shall see the results – in half an hour to be precise! Heres to sucking it in…but in the half hour training session there is no where to hide… and gravity will be against me…. bikini/beach, bikini/beach, bikini/beach…

Week 3

Well, another week, another loss – and it wasnt tears, like Flo’ bless who cried on the scales but to be fair they must be lying as she has worked so tireless yet I confess to a few glasses of the vino over the weekend am still a big looser! Yay, 6cms off the waist and further down in the weight stakes, a kilo will be gone by next week.. Ascott wont be so bad at this rate… better not get too ahead of myself though as they say ‘many a slip’.. and hope the cup isnt full of anything other than green tea this time… hmmmm

The day after our exercise session with the Matt Roberts personal trainer, this week, I thought I would be in trouble. Walking… well it was the day after that did it, cause me trouble, moving… Good job I have my trusty scooter/zimmer frame.    Today I think I must be feeling vengeful …. After sitting opposite my husband eat a burger and chips at the fine food company last night I resisted buns et al, but today I sinned… see pic


I shall pay for this and will be exercising in the gym the routine he showed us – with relish – not the eating kind, but the fact is I enjoyed these exercises – whilst doing them my body really was crying out – in joy! Really! Was bliss! To be ‘pushed’ like that when really nothing compared to a whole day skiing or even house work.. that I could do them so,  made me sing!! I didn’t tell him that as I’d hate him to inflict more of a  circuit on the other, 20 years younger and struggling.. sing sing… joy, bliss – pity I cant walk and all I can think about is wine…

Week 4

In anticipation of this weeks training course I am feeling very guilty and so desperately looking forward to our session tomorrow.. I had to endure chocolate cake last night, it being home made so I had no choice.. right?  Time will tell, or the scales will not lie…. Will I be shamed…?

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