Rainy day ideas.

There is a saying in Norway or so I have heard that goes along the lines of “there is no such thing as bad weather you are just not dressed for it”

It feels like it has been raining constantly now for weeks and there is only so long you can stay indoors for, or that’s how I feel at least.

So my thoughts have turned to what to do with the kids outside when it is raining! After a bit of searching around the wonderful web (what did we do before the internet) i have landed upon a few ideas.

Have a splashing competition

I have never met a child who does not love splashing in puddles.  And what is better than being given the all clear to splash as much as you can, and get a sweet or something for whoever can make the largest splash.

Grab a waterproof camera

You can buy disposable cameras some which are water-proof. It is really good fun to go out and take pictures of raindrops on the leaves, rippling puddles and anything else generally wet and shiny.

Photo: cc by-nc-nd Bruno Monginoux / Landscape-Photo.net

Go Singing in the rain

Head out to the garden or the park and sing with the kids till your hearts content.  There is not much more uplifting than singing in the rain with the kids.

Head to the Woods 

If you have a Woods nearby to you head down to it.  Most woods are covered enough to allow you to walk and play in it no matter the weather and to take advantage of the canopy of trees to keep you dry.   There is something almost ethereal about the woods in the rain, the sound of the rain on the trees and the lush green leaves make for a fun rainy trip out.


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