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Accelerate learning in maths!

Suitable for 5-12 years

Best Bits
The easy way to boost confidence and accelerate learning in maths 

Maths-Whizz is an award-winning virtual tutor, designed for 5-13yr olds, that boosts confidence and accelerates learning, helping your child to reach their potential in maths through personalised tuition So, whether your child is struggling with maths, not feeling challenged at school, or you just want to give them a little extra support, Maths-Whizz is the perfect way to help your child with maths at home 

Why choose Maths-Whizz?

  • 7 day free trial, cancel anytime with no payment
  • Research demonstrates that students who learn with the Maths-Whizz Tutor for 60 minutes a week increase their Maths Age™ by, on average, 18 months in their first year.
  • Guaranteed progress in maths, or your money back!
  • A personalised learning plan that boosts confidence in maths
  • Clear reporting to help you understand your child’s progress and need
The perfect way to support your child through school disruptions due to Covid 

How Maths-Whizz Works :

Maths-Whizz uses powerful AI to replicate the behaviour of a human tutor, with learning based around three key steps:

Maths-Whizz starts with an in-depth assessment, building a unique profile of your
child’s ability that shows you their strengths and weaknesses in every topic.

Using your child’s unique learning profile, Maths-Whizz creates a tailored learning journey matched to their current ability, boosting confidence and fluency in maths. 

As your child learns, Maths-Whizz uses powerful AI to constantly adapt their learning journey, targeting knowledge gaps and accelerating learning.

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Schedule in 60 minutes a week of Maths-Whizz Tutoring to give your child all the benefits of accelerated learning in maths.

Need to Know
  • Maths-Whizz is designed to support 5-13 year in maths, and works on iPad, Android tablets, laptops and PCs
  • You can cancel your Maths-Whizz subscription at any time. Your child will still have access to their Maths-Whizz account until the end of the subscription period. 
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions 
  • For full terms and conditions, please click here
How to Redeem Please use the LittleBird code found on your voucher to book online to claim your 5 weeks of Maths-Whizz for just £1 (includes 7 day free trial).