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Unleash your little ones’ imaginations today! The specialists in fun children’s games, packed with action, imagination and adventure that every generation can enjoy, GoTrovo is an award-winning family game that’s adaptable for intrepid adventurers and pirates of all ages - from little kids to adults who are big kids at heart! Perfect for rain or shine, family time or play-dates, and so much more…

Follow the map, crack the clues and collect gold coins in the loot bag along the way. The game ends when you solve the final mystery to find the hidden treasure. Bound to put smile on everyone’s faces, GoTrovo is a fun activity for families to do indoors or outdoors. It’s the ultimate party game and is a thoughtful gift idea that makes a wonderful alternative to toys.

  • Keep kids entertained without a screen in sight - Imagine being able to get your kids off their devices without the techno tantrums!
  • Trails are quick and easy to lay around your home and garden for hours of fun, whatever the weather
  • A brilliant boredom-buster for kids aged 3-10: Unlike other children’s treasure hunt games, no two trails are ever the same. You can vary the hunt each time with the reusable age appropriate clues for a game that your kids can play for years to come
  • Exercise young minds and legs: This active indoor/outdoor run-around game is as educational as it is fun. Helps children develop observation and problem-solving skills as they get out and about in nature, exploring and discovering new things
  • Suitable for 1 to 20 players!
  • Games can be played in teams or individually. It's a fantastic way to encourage kids of different ages to play together fostering friendship, cooperation and teamwork. This treasure hunt kit is great for birthday parties and play-dates
  • Each Gotrovo Original set includes: 100 reusable clue cards (picture, word, riddle and role-play), a double-sided treasure map, a gold treasure bar, gold coins and loot bags, and a bonus eBook chock full of fun ideas to help you get the most out of your pirate adventure!
  • Check out the entertaining and educational Languages version – learn French, Spanish, Italian and/or German whilst playing and having fun!
  • GoTrovo No Quibble Help - In the unlikely event you’re not blown away with your Gotrovo product, or you need a replacement part within 90 days of your purchase, simply let them know for a free replacement or refund.
  • Free P&P in the UK
  • Family Awards 2017 Gold
  • The What’s On 4 Kids 2017 Gold

"Fun, exciting and educational"

"Fun, easy indoor or outdoor treasure hunt!"

"Immediately wanted to play again"

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