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The Week Junior - The Perfect Christmas Gift for 8-14s

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Suitable for 8-14 years

Best Bits

Loved by readers, trusted by teachers and secretly read by parents, The Week Junior is the perfect Christmas present. Packed with fascinating, award-winning content every week, it will keep curious 8-14 year-olds engrossed and inspired for months.

From news to nature, science to geography, and sport to apps, The Week Junior explores an extraordinary array of topics from around the globe. All Christmas subscriptions include The Week Junior Annual 2019 for less than half the shop price. Jam-packed with hundreds of amazing facts, incredible stories, and lots of stuff to draw and do, it’ll be a popular gift to unwrap and get stuck into on Christmas Day!

  • Packed with intelligent, safe and balanced content to feed curious minds
  • Gives kids a weekly opportunity to explore and discover amazing things about the world
  • An amazing way to develop independent thought and their own opinions
  • Gets kids to think critically, learn about the world around them and ask questions
  • Join over 57,000 families who explore the world every week
  • News and events to animals, nature, science, books, sport, technology, films, recipes, puzzles and more!


“My daughter loves The Week Junior. Really balanced and well-written articles. For an 8-year-old it's great as she now has an opinion on current affairs and can join in with the grown-ups with confidence.” - Keith, dad

“The Week Junior is the best thing since Rubik invented his cube” - Jon Snow, Journalist

"I wish The Week Junior had been around when I was a kid - I’d have known so much more about the world in which I was growing up." - David Baddiel

"The Week Junior is brilliant! All the news, without the boring bits. Or at least with the boring bits made not boring" - Nick Jones

"I've really enjoyed reading my first copy of The Week Junior. We have a news quiz at school and I was able to answer all the questions correctly as I was full of facts after reading your magazine!" - Ben, reader

"I really enjoy The Week Junior as it is full of interesting facts! It really helps me do my homework as I have just moved up to year 7. Don’t stop writing The Week Junior!" - Claire, reader

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  • £26.49 for 13 issues of The Week Junior + The 2019 Annual
  • £48.99 for 26 issues of The Week Junior + The 2019 Annual
  • £89.99 for 51 issues of The Week Junior + The 2019 Annual
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  • Order by 10th December to guarantee delivery for Christmas 
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