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Tassomai - The Scientific Way to Learn, Get a free reward month!

Winner of a BETT Award (the Oscars of the education technology world) for “Best Education Support Resource for Parents or Home Learning”

Courses in various subjects, suitable for children from Year 3 to AS level

Suitable for 7-17 years

Best Bits

With mock exams coming up, this is a great way to help teenagers revise and organise their studies, it’s also useful for younger kids too. A clever online learning app that uses multiple choice quizzes to test and teach. Students simply answer quiz questions on their mobiles, tablets or computers, but behind the scenes, the program is working out what they do and don’t understand and personalising the content to each user.

Sign up during the offer period and you’ll get January 2020 for free as a “reward month”. Select LittleBird during the sign-up process and you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win your Tassomai subscription for free for the whole of 2020.

  • Suitable for 7-17 years, but especially relevant for 14-16 year olds taking GCSE science and children sitting school entrance exams.
  • Aims to make learning fun, with daily goals for users and “experience points” to reward children for hitting their targets.
  • Convenient and simple to use, most students use Tassomai’s app on their phones.
  • Based on a little and often approach as research shows this is the best (and least stressful) way of studying.
  • Regular usage of the program has made a big difference to GCSE grades in Tassomai's core subject of science, for students at all ability levels.
  • As well as GCSE science, there are courses available in some other GCSE subjects, including maths and French
  • Fantastic courses for younger children from age 7 upwards, helping them get to grips with core English, maths and science topics.
  • Useful for students sitting 11+ and 13+ entrance exams.
  • Parents are kept up to date with a weekly progress email which highlights topics in which their children are excelling or struggling.
  • Subscribe on a monthly basis, there’s no long term contract and it’s easy to cancel if you decide it’s not for you.
  • About 450 schools now use Tassomai for GCSE science and 98% of the teachers using it recommend it


"A great interactive and nearly effortless way of preparing for exams."

“My son aced his science GCSE and it was entirely down to the Tassomai subscription… V impressed with the service and would definitely recommend.”

“Honestly need to say hands down thank you so much @Tassomai. There is no way on earth I did as well as I did in triple science without this app!

“I definitely believe the personal subscription was worth every penny and had more to do with the final grade than her school classes.”

“It was an absolute godsend... particularly as he got in the habit of using his 20 min morning bus ride for it.”

I am a science teacher as well as a father and a big fan of Tassomai. I frequently recommend Tassomai - I think the little and often approach works very well.”

Price Info

How it works: 

  • You'll automatically qualify for the free "reward month" if you sign up before the end of November 2019.
  • When you sign up online, you’ll be asked: “how did you hear about Tassomai?”. Just choose LittleBird from the drop-down menu and you will also be entered into the LittleBird draw to win your subscription for free in 2020. (Note if you cancel your subscription before 01/01/20 you will not be eligible for the prize draw).


  • Courses for younger children start from £10 per month.
  • Buy any 3 subjects and you will automatically receive a 25% discount.
  • Tassomai's best selling GCSE Science course is made up of 3 subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), this works out to £45 per month once the discount has been applied.
  • You'll pay monthly by direct debit, but there's no contract and you're free to cancel at any time.
  • Courses end automatically, with end dates being defined by any upcoming exams, e.g. a year 11 student using Tassomai for science will have an end date of summer 2020.
  • The full range of subjects and courses, for children from age 7 upwards can be viewed online at
Need to Know
  • The offer period is from 17th October onwards and will run until 23:59 on 30th November 2019
  • The full range of subjects and courses, for children from age 7 upwards can be viewed online at
  • You'll pay monthly by direct debit, but there's no contract and you're free to cancel at any time.
  • For Tassomai’s general terms and conditions visit:
  • For more details on the “reward month” offer, visit:
  • For full details of the LittleBird prize draw see below.
  • You can contact Tassomai to talk to an advisor if you have questions or if you need any help subscribing. Just call 020 3380 7968 during office hours (Mon to Fri), don’t forget to mention LittleBird for entry into the prize draw.

Specifically for GCSE Science: 

  •  All GCSE science courses are board-specific so it’s best to check the student's exam board and specification before buying. You can also contact Tassomai with this information if you need to make a change after you’ve subscribed.
  • Tassomai guarantees a 7-9 grade in GCSE Science if the course is completed (or your money back!). To complete the course, students must get to 100% progress. Note that any Year 11 students starting Tassomai late in the academic year may not have time to complete this much of the course and that the Daily Goal does not necessarily push students to achieve this.

LittleBird prize draw details

  • Any subscribers who name LittleBird when asked “how did you hear about Tassomai” will be entered into a prize draw to win their Tassomai subscription in 2020 for free.
  • A winner will be picked on Monday 6th January 2020 by Tassomai and they will be contacted by email by Tassomai.
  • Note if you cancel your subscription before 01/01/20 you will not be eligible for the prize draw
  • The prize winner will be able to choose a mix of any Tassomai subjects up to a maximum value of £75 per month, which must be applied to one user (i.e. one child).
  • The winner will be able to use Tassomai for free for their child throughout 2020 or up until the point of their child’s relevant exams.
  • No cash alternative applies and the prize is not transferable.
How to Redeem
  • You will be taken to the Tassomai website to complete your transaction.
  • The relevant pages are accessible via the “private subscribers” section of the Tassomai website.
  • You can also subscribe by phone at 020 3380 7968
from £10